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CEREC Restorations Using e.max HT Blocks

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My office manager's mom came in on Friday and #6 was fractured and needed a crown before we impressed for her new upper partial. I know from reading the boards, not everyone likes the HT blocks for full coverage. I use it a fair amount for full coverage crowns depending on the patient and what I'm trying to achieve. I really pay attention to the stump shades and what cement shade I use because I have had cases that ended up being a little grey. I also tend to choose one shade lighter for color (i.e. for A3 choose A2 HT block). I am excited to use some different blocks, and learning more at the Level 4 course in June.


#6 was an A2 HT bonded with Multilink Transparent . 1 shade was heavier for the gingival 1/3 and extended the color to the mid portion of the tooth. Used blue shade in a slight U shape to create some translucency for the 2-3mm of the incisal edge and used a slight bit of white to create some slight decalcifications and try to match the other teeth.



Other pic is of A2HT crowns on #2 & 3. I didn't want to drop margin on #3 to cover the root surfaces and the patient didn't have any sensitivity issues. I just spray glazed the tooth crowns and used Multilink Yellow cement to warm up the color and help blend the transition to the root surface.



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