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Established in 2006

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Astra EV Surgical approach
By: Mike Skramstad 5 Replies
is it normal to be still waiting for 4.5 update?
By: James Kim 6 Replies
You know it's a good day when...
By: Kristine Aadland 4 Replies
Mirror mirror
By: Kunal Lal 6 Replies
Are others seeing what I am seeing?
By: Charles LoGiudice 5 Replies
New patient perio charting and insurance preauthorizations
By: Mark Minchow 3 Replies
connecting implants to teeth
By: Greg Zlock 20 Replies
search function
By: Greg Zlock 3 Replies
can you scan Stone model?
By: Eric Chen 7 Replies
First Cerec onlay
By: Anonymous
Survey crowns
By: Loren Taple 3 Replies
To splint or not to splint?
By: C. Mark Fort 4 Replies
Sidexis 4 computer recommendations
By: John Pasicznyk 12 Replies
in the path
By: Patrick Conaghan 2 Replies
Are “investors” about to be bitten by the FANGs?
By: Ernie Johnson 25 Replies
By: Nick Cost 3 Replies
Screw channel access
By: steve sutherland
By: Daniel Sullivan
4.5 videos on mobile app
By: Thad Vincent 1 Reply
4.5.1 download prompt this morning??? Can it be true!!
By: Sully Sullivan 83 Replies
EagleSoft and Going Chartless
By: Daniel Nguyen 8 Replies
Help we lost the scan
By: Ernesto Espinosa 3 Replies
Cerec room
By: Matt Lea 5 Replies
Implant #46
By: Angela Murray 5 Replies
Busy Cerec Ortho day
By: David Honey
Clear Correct acquired by Straumann
By: Charles LoGiudice 4 Replies
Reminder in Vita Mark II
By: Beth Skovron 4 Replies
4.5 Parameters for Crowns
By: Cris Turman 7 Replies
Which Empress Block to Use
By: Thomas Layton 6 Replies
Opening an RST file
By: Paul Kruth 1 Reply
Still Impressive After All These Years...
By: Steven Hernandez 10 Replies
By: Matthew Rogers 10 Replies
Problem With Tibase & Custom Emax Abutement Seat
By: Henry Quest 3 Replies
Onlay Seating Issues
By: Anonymous 2 Replies
Designing large cases at home
By: Andrew Nothem 6 Replies
How to find recent Online Continuum presentations
By: Charles LoGiudice 2 Replies
By: Neil Pande 10 Replies
celtra duo
By: Peter Ruff 25 Replies
No Prep Veneers
By: Beth Skovron 3 Replies
Fan Fail Message
By: Scott Graham 3 Replies
Enamic crownlay/endo crown
By: Yao-Lin Tang 6 Replies
Can't Get 4.5.1 Downloaded
By: Sarah Phillips Yarnell 2 Replies
#mydentistsavedmylovelife TMI alert
By: Craig Vacek 25 Replies
Powers that be. Please create a biocopy mirror image tool. Thank you
By: Jake Skowronski 4 Replies
Looks like Straumann bought Clear Correct
By: Richard Rosenblatt 8 Replies
implant case 4.5.1
By: Keith Rudolph 3 Replies
implant case in 4.5.1
By: Keith Rudolph 3 Replies
D-day = delivery day
By: John Pasicznyk 1 Reply