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Occlusion with Primescan and 5.1
By: Hans Smith
So far my experience with a Form 2 Printer has been a total cluster
By: Charles Lo Giudice 16 Replies
Cementation Question
By: Richard Barrett 6 Replies
Form3 prints sticking to build plate too good
By: Mike McKinley 3 Replies
Zircad MT Multi
By: Keith Henderson 8 Replies
stalling cerec
By: Michael Longlet 1 Reply
Buying Patient Charts
By: Lemond Hunter 12 Replies
Tight Occlusion, tight bite
By: Anonymous 1 Reply
Nobel Replace
By: Beth Skovron 2 Replies
Labs for digital design of Nightguard
By: Jarrod Campbell 9 Replies
help with maryland bridge
By: Ala Barakat 1 Reply
minimal thickness issues zirc abutment on tibase #7
By: Anonymous
Steps to export SSI file from primescan to Galileos ?
By: michael rothstein 3 Replies
This is hilarious
By: Charles Lo Giudice 8 Replies
Restoring MIS 3.3 mm Seven Implant w/ Cerec
By: Rick Furman 2 Replies
I'm offended
By: Paul Anderson 3 Replies
Lower block prices!!
By: Jennifer Stevens 10 Replies
Sure Smile and IPR
By: David Shapiro 15 Replies
Implant not seating
By: Anonymous 8 Replies
InLab 19 to mill with MCXL(not inLab version)
By: Tommy Sediq 1 Reply
Tibase or other for BIO HORIZONS 5.0 X 10.5MM
By: Robert Miller 7 Replies
6-8, 9-11 FDP instead of 6-11
By: Robert Johnson 2 Replies
What has your Prime wait time been?
By: Gary Templeman 12 Replies
„I got hit“...
By: Armin Giessmann 12 Replies
Barrel Preps, CEREC and Chairside Zirconia Tips
By: Daniel Wilson 7 Replies
Template holder for Orthophos SL
By: Andrew Hall 4 Replies
bridge too big for speedfire?
By: Brad Dorsch 4 Replies
Was DS ready to release Primescan??
By: Brad Woods 37 Replies
Sicat Implant 2.0
By: Alex Moheban 3 Replies
Poor implant alignment for locator attachment
By: Bill Drake 5 Replies
Is It Safe to Upload Cases From This Forum?
By: Dmitry Merzon 8 Replies
Anterior case - props to Weston Hatcher
By: Andrew Hall 16 Replies
Flap advancement in ridge augmentation
By: Jeremy Bewley 18 Replies
Veneer insertion axis and overmilling
By: Michael Longlet 2 Replies
Doc, my wife says I choke during sleep. Do you see anything
By: Jake Skowronski 3 Replies
By: Kevin Lee 1 Reply
you can actually palpate this implant
By: marc kaufman 6 Replies
Omni 5.1 Upgrade Full Arch Scan How to?
By: Tim Rainey 2 Replies
An Azento remake
By: Charles Lo Giudice 5 Replies
D3splint + D3mesh discount for Cerecdoctors.com
By: David Honey 9 Replies
Digital Diagnostic Aesthetic Wax-Ups
By: Kamyab Mohager 5 Replies
stl file back from lab ..anyway to put it back into cerec?
By: Greg Grady 6 Replies
Primescan marginated the wrong teeth!
By: C. Mark Fort 4 Replies
Looking for a dentist in Morgan Hill, CA
By: Ray Ortiz
Battery Error message on Primescan?
By: Robin Levy 4 Replies
selling Omnicam what is a good resale price?
By: kevin rauter 30 Replies
Cerec Dentist in the Salt Lake City area
By: Fred Puccio 3 Replies
Need information for Cerec implant crown
By: Travis Miller 2 Replies
Best 3d printer
By: Joseph Chichetti 20 Replies
Delta AZ---here we go down the reimbursement road to ZERO
By: Ernie Johnson 3 Replies