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Established in 2006

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Thoughts on this Implant case
By: William Chouinard 20 Replies
Custom Healers???
By: Jonathan Ford 17 Replies
Are there any cdocs in Parker, CO?
By: Ray Kessler 2 Replies
Firing e.max in CEREC SpeedFire
By: Michelle Johnson 2 Replies
"Goobers" on the margins
By: Charles LoGiudice 29 Replies
shade tool?....
By: Joe Kieffer 11 Replies
Hiossen Implant System - Wanting to start placing advice
By: Brandon Nielson 4 Replies
Where is your Milling Unit in the office?
By: Jake Skowronski 51 Replies
Scan Post Not Showing Up
By: Anthony Tisoncik 5 Replies
ISO screw retained implant videos
By: Chasity Hall 8 Replies
Cerec connect- can i view model after it was sent to lab?
By: Christiann Sanders 1 Reply
intra office communication systems
By: catherine cech 19 Replies
Do You Believe in Margin Elevation?
By: Gregory Mark 12 Replies
The Dreaded Single Anterior Crown
By: Andrew Smith 8 Replies
Need a CEREC Dentist in Republic of Malta
By: Mara Woodard
Graft mess!
By: Andres Gamboa 4 Replies
Astra EV guided surgery
By: John Barksenius 5 Replies
Locator abutment question
By: Randy Stovall 3 Replies
Help with patient who says it hurts to chew sometimes on thw implant/crown
By: Lee stockslager 14 Replies
Cerec software not allowing to edit the proposed crown!!
By: Zheng Ma 4 Replies
need help asap
By: Will Jones 9 Replies
HIPAA and collection agencies
By: Joseph Jackson 4 Replies
Help with decay under Cerec crowns
By: Leslie Fina 23 Replies
Safe implant scalers
By: Jeff Burns
SiroWorld and spouses
By: Joseph Jackson 14 Replies
Bonding feldspathic--pt in chair
By: Megan Hamner 3 Replies
Correction Fire for PFZ Bridge?
By: Sean Rockwell
Cerec guide drill set for Nobel
By: Domenic D'Amico 23 Replies
Multiple CG2 question
By: William Chouinard 3 Replies
Teeth #'s 8 and 9 crowns keep fracturing in milling!!!!!!!
By: Beth Skovron 14 Replies
Another Case with Bill Marais
By: Gregory Mark 14 Replies
Anyone using Astra guided kit with cg2? Any info out there?
By: Josh Fowler 14 Replies
Milling at the same time
By: Jeffrey Fong 8 Replies
veneers on 2nd bicuspid
By: Jeffrey Gregson 1 Reply
Lava Ultimate for Veneers and Onlays Debond Issues
By: Angela Murray 28 Replies
Empress Multi
By: Yao-Lin Tang 10 Replies
no copy line option for posterior bio reference case???!
By: Dennis Lichorwic 4 Replies
Maryland Bridge Material
By: Jacob McLauchlin 1 Reply
Multilink Hybrid Abutment HO versus MO
By: Stacy Norman 3 Replies
New trending IPS e.max Preparation Guidelines
By: Luke Gambee 1 Reply
Why can't I splint crowns?
By: Jorge Angulo 3 Replies
Adding contact to Zirconia (BruxZir)
By: Thomas Lunstrum 2 Replies
Level 2 Course was Outstanding!
By: Nathan Saydyk 3 Replies
Articulator recommendations
By: Paul Mikhli 2 Replies
Does Level 4 material change?
By: Robin Levy 8 Replies
How to remove eMax from a TiBase
By: David Reilly 5 Replies
Suction adaptor "bubble"
By: Bruce Brittain 6 Replies
Itero element time lapse
By: Mark Venditti 4 Replies
Another new Cerec user!
By: Arvind Petrie 12 Replies
I do not see the BioJaw button in design
By: Nathan Saydyk 3 Replies