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Active lense of Primescan
By: Armin Giessmann 3 Replies
R2 Digital Lab
By: Daniel Kim 21 Replies
3D printers at Midwinter
By: David Honey 22 Replies
New radio's or Hub
By: Donnie Dean
Open Dental users please review
By: Greg Smith
Setting up a separate computer for Cerec design
By: Michelle Haynes 5 Replies
pt relocating to Aurora, Co
By: Jim Yankowskas 4 Replies
Applying anti-glare, anti-fog cover on the Omnicam after polishing away the scratches.
By: David Honey 10 Replies
By: Charles LoGiudice 16 Replies
inlay sprue, we need on occlusal not interproximal, right?
By: Jeff Levy 5 Replies
Best way to fabricate essix with a tooth as temp
By: Andrew Hall 7 Replies
Biohorizons Guided Surgery with CG2
By: Jeremy Bewley 57 Replies
Time to upgrade loupes.... Recommendations?
By: Steven Schiffenhaus 11 Replies
Cerec Acquisition unit upgrade of graphics card
By: Richard Calvin 5 Replies
Implant crown is not seating aligned
By: Mehrnoush Tucker 5 Replies
Cerec Guide 2 and Biohorizon implants
By: Wade Abbott 1 Reply
The airway Prosth course
By: Brad Dorsch 11 Replies
Primescan and dentures
By: Mark Venditti 16 Replies
Frustrated - job not sent to speedfire (this time it cost me..)
By: Thomas Lunstrum 6 Replies
Thanks to Bob Conte for the Assavior Jig!
By: Josh Fowler 6 Replies
Primescan vs. Omnicam
By: Armin Giessmann 11 Replies
Omnicam lens polishing
By: Jose Osete 24 Replies
Guided implant planning
By: Enrique Tuesta 2 Replies
FGP Articulation with New Software Update
By: Mandy Tapp 4 Replies
PVS is Dead
By: Sameer Puri 38 Replies
Atlantis IO flo for Implant Direct
By: Jessica Spencer 8 Replies
Atlantis issue
By: Kirsten Andrews 11 Replies
Anatomoic versus Intersection connector for bridges in 4.6?
By: Stephen Glass 5 Replies
Replacing fractured porcelain on PFM bridge
By: Robert Clapcich 5 Replies
restoring a southern implant with Cerec
By: Robert Singer
AstraTech Osseospeed EV 3.6S Tibase and scanpost
By: Chris Poe 11 Replies
Scan for optisleep with Omnicam what software to use?
By: Rodrigo De Marco 2 Replies
Collaboration software
By: Marc Thomas 1 Reply
ZirCAD bridge block size
By: Anthony Moeller 3 Replies
Need help with design
By: Anonymous 2 Replies
Nobel CC WB 5.5 Restoration
By: Robert Stacey 9 Replies
4.6 software question
By: Paul Bookman 2 Replies
Sidexis software and Azento question.
By: David Stangl 4 Replies
Is there Tibase for HiTech Implants?
By: Blair Moser II 1 Reply
Looking at starting to place standard implants with Biohorizons---thoughts?
By: Nick Cost 3 Replies
Speed cem cement
By: Christopher Tiffin
Cyfex and OraCheck
By: Ted Chamberlain
perio coding/procedures
By: Greg Zlock 6 Replies
So many lessons learned from a single crown on #27
By: Nick Cost 2 Replies
An Official Welcome to Our Newest Faculty
By: Sameer Puri 54 Replies
Primescan Touch Interaction Overview
By: Meena Barsoum 14 Replies
What Zirconia cement do you use?
By: Mark Blaskovich 13 Replies
Efficient Maryland Bridges
By: Mike Skramstad 4 Replies
Cool artifact processing with primescan
By: Daniel Butterman 6 Replies
Telio CAD Bridge Gunked up MCXL for days - any tips
By: Steven Schiffenhaus 9 Replies