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Restore teeth in which bite position?
By: Jeff Levy 3 Replies
quick rescue mission
By: Enrique Tuesta 1 Reply
In office benefit plans?
By: Robert Feudo 17 Replies
Is this legit or a shady sales tactic???
By: Kyle McGill 20 Replies
Suck down on 3d model
By: Kent Marchant 8 Replies
Uploading PrimeScan to Prosomnus HELP
By: Zak Allmand 1 Reply
Bonding resin inlays
By: Lora Gaxiola 4 Replies
Primescan or Open Source Medit
By: David Kerr 4 Replies
PTC says I need to scan conservatively if I start a new case while the previous case is milling.
By: C. Mark Fort 1 Reply
Primescan Shutting Down During Mill
By: Greg Lambert 4 Replies
Form Labs 2
By: Chris Tricinella 7 Replies
I am beginning to regret acquiring my Form 2
By: Charles Lo Giudice 13 Replies
Telio CAD Block - reusable?
By: Michael Longlet 5 Replies
How much do you scan?
By: Jared Taylor 3 Replies
It does me good to be on the receiving end once in a while
By: Charles Lo Giudice 8 Replies
Edentulous scans
By: Mike Skramstad 31 Replies
5.1 implant help
By: Todd Greeson 4 Replies
Exporting Bite?
By: Jarrod Campbell 3 Replies
Digital diagnostic waxup
By: Daniel Butterman 10 Replies
Astra EV 4.8
By: Eric Kaleka 2 Replies
Cigna- must report use of Cad/Cam
By: Jeffrey Collura 14 Replies
single unit #2 FML...
By: Michael Costa 2 Replies
When the VGA is too short.....
By: Ray Kessler 5 Replies
I have a complaint about Chairside v5.1
By: Charles Lo Giudice 10 Replies
Poor sound quality with Primescan
By: David Christensen 3 Replies
Parameters for PrimeScan and 5.02 Software // Auto-Margination
By: Nassim Missaghian 5 Replies
The 3D Printed, Implant Supported, Mandibular Overdenture
By: Jake Skowronski 18 Replies
Primescan cutting off scanpost during scanning.
By: Robert Staley 8 Replies
Atlantis abutment locked in
By: Enrique Darancou 8 Replies
Need help to save the scan as SSI file
By: Yousaf Ahmad 3 Replies
7 implant design, I am stuck
By: leland wilhoite
Running Cerec software on a better computer
By: Robert Miller 7 Replies
Labs that support sirona?
By: Mehrnoush Tucker 8 Replies
Polishing Zirconia after adjustment
By: Christopher Walsh 3 Replies
Maintenance checklist monthly mcxl
By: David Pereira 6 Replies
Atlantis crown doesn’t fit the abutment
By: Nathan Wong 23 Replies
Having Trouble Seating #3
By: Dmitry Merzon 6 Replies
Camlog/Conelog guided surgery with Cerec guide 2
By: Juergen Langenbach 29 Replies
Nerve approximation
By: Brad Barricklow 4 Replies
Connector Size for FPD
By: Frank Emmert 3 Replies
Primescan and Atlantis for the win!
By: Nathan Wong 1 Reply
material choice for bridge
By: Richard Brown 3 Replies
Another issue with 5.1
By: Armin Giessmann
Anterior anesthesia
By: Mike McKinley 8 Replies
3 unit bridge that is actually missing 2 teeth
By: Amy Durisin 2 Replies
Astratech Osseospeed EV TiBase question
By: Kwan Um 13 Replies
3D Printing and software
By: Jason Cohen 8 Replies