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I have a patient in Jacksonville Fl in Need
By: Joseph Chichetti
Just wanted to say Goodbye!
By: Alex Botvinnik 72 Replies
I have a patient in Jacksonville Florida in need
By: Joseph Chichetti
The omnicam
By: Samir Rana 4 Replies
Dentist in Ellensberg, WA
By: Daniel Wilson 1 Reply
Conventional xray tubes VS hand held xray
By: Eric Etheridge 5 Replies
How do you lighten teeth in photoshop?
By: Thomas Kauffman 4 Replies
New Windows update crashes Cerec
By: Dean Francis 11 Replies
How long should burs last?
By: David Yoder 6 Replies
Can you use scanpost without scanbody
By: Griffin Norris 5 Replies
Is anyone using Sirona Remote successfully?
By: Jeff Waisglass 1 Reply
To gingiva mask or not?
By: Griffin Norris 3 Replies
Contains Video Review Of Cerec Bridge
By: Jeffrey Zaffos 2 Replies
Modern phone systems
By: Marc Thomas 21 Replies
Best heat-less stone
By: Jacob Blodgett 5 Replies
what should I do?? materials, method??
By: catherine cech 9 Replies
What's your patient blood pressure maximum?
By: John Sherman 23 Replies
Live patient experience in the DR with Garg! Has Tired Ever Felt SO GOOD!!???
By: Marc Thomas 90 Replies
Is the color of Zirconia abutment normal looking?
By: Daniel Kim 16 Replies
Cerec Zirconia block code not recognized
By: Kwan Um 5 Replies
Omnicam won't let me select #4/13 as veneers! Pt. in Chair.
By: James Maholick 2 Replies
Pt with Nickel allergy
By: Paul Rashid 2 Replies
Skipping buccal bite
By: Evan Olson 7 Replies
How/where to get rid of my old pano?
By: Jonathan Ford 8 Replies
CEREC, implants and bridges
By: Beth Skovron 5 Replies
Bridge fracture during milling
By: Armin Giessmann 25 Replies
Sirona Hub
By: Robert Lang 3 Replies
4.5 software and abutments
By: David Deitrick 2 Replies
Help with tough shade choice!
By: Jarrod Campbell 8 Replies
Who outsources dental insurance verification, etc?
By: Bill Burkhart 3 Replies
Just loving my CEREC today
By: Kristine Aadland 7 Replies
By: Brian Saltzman
DIAGNOdent pen / Lightwalker
By: Moe Tabesh 6 Replies
eaglesoft voice perio charting
By: Grady Twohig 7 Replies
Tired looking at blank ceilings, try projection!
By: Scott Donner 4 Replies
Bad patient bite position
By: Bryan Sicher 6 Replies
Submitting cases to invisalign thourgh Cerec 4.5
By: Farzad Firouzian 6 Replies
please help! Can not advance after model axis
By: Daniel Kim 15 Replies
Water in my air...told I need a new dryer, or new compressor...
By: Blue Davis 24 Replies
Help with implant crown mill preview
By: Scott Donner 3 Replies
performance of Celtra Do
By: Michael Harrison 15 Replies
Radiologist review
By: Kenneth Magid 7 Replies
anterior 10 and biocopy
By: David Shapiro 13 Replies
PRF users
By: Jeff Burns 15 Replies
Tibase for Noble
By: Justin Warmuth (CEREC Specialist) 5 Replies
Default Block size
By: Nathan Wong 8 Replies
zirconia milling offset
By: Christopher Bauer 2 Replies
Implant scalers???
By: Pete Hoffman 1 Reply
By: Vicki Kestler 5 Replies
Root tip Burial
By: Paul Helsby 8 Replies