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Ipad vs Tooth #8 (ipad won) Blog Post
By: Rich Cooper 11 Replies
Omnicam upgrade
By: Barry Watson 9 Replies
Robox dual 3D printer
By: Barry Rimmer 7 Replies
I need a Dentist in Las Vegas for a great patient that is completing ClearCorrect.
By: Donnie Dean 4 Replies
STALLED SCAN...Cerec Ortho SW 1.1.2
By: John Acosta 17 Replies
scanpost with Atlantis?
By: Ike Heaphy 2 Replies
Need BL3 bridge shade - block options?
By: Andrew Hall
Cerec Ortho Scan help
By: Eric Fugate 1 Reply
Spikes in design
By: Terry Box 4 Replies
Nobody told me about "Free Medicare"
By: Bob Dawe 18 Replies
Hypoplasia...what would you do?
By: Michael Eickman 6 Replies
Amazing margins
By: Fred Puccio 14 Replies
Dimensions of Shick 33 images
By: Simon Kolath 1 Reply
Need a dentist in Independence, MO
By: Kristine Aadland 2 Replies
International academy of sleep
By: Mark Blaskovich 2 Replies
Centra firing pad jammed in the speedfire
By: Jenna Pulkka 8 Replies
A Cerec Case from Start To Finish
By: Jeffrey Zaffos 2 Replies
Mixing Stains Blog Post
By: Kristine Aadland 10 Replies
CS4 Settings for GC Lustre Paste IQ
By: David Shapiro 7 Replies
Maryland bridge with Tetric Cad
By: Daniel Butterman 12 Replies
Trouble finding ti base for astra EV
By: Enrique Tuesta 1 Reply
"restoration calculated with too small an instrument radius"
By: Marc Thomas 9 Replies
new iTero capabilities
By: Terry Cowgill 3 Replies
stuck ti-base
By: Daniel Zedeker 5 Replies
#8 & 9 8 year old implants, complication...
By: Robert Lang
Shade match
By: Amy Kiesselbach 2 Replies
By: Natalie Halliwell 4 Replies
Biocopy makes it easy
By: Daniel Butterman 13 Replies
Sam Atriculator
By: Robert Lang 5 Replies
Zimmer's "coded" implant cover
By: Alan Fujimoto 1 Reply
Pt. In chair, 4.52sw, aquisition phase options?
By: James Maholick 5 Replies
First month with Cerec and 23 restorations later…. Blog Post
By: Steven Schiffenhaus 29 Replies
Preventing thin occlusals in design
By: Michael Putt 10 Replies
I need to turn Mr Ed;s bridge into something nice, what pink porcelain to add to emax?
By: Kurt Kwiatkowski 10 Replies
cement not adhering to intaglio of same day zirconia crowns
By: Guy Ribando 4 Replies
Still amazed by the process and simplicity of the result, technology pays for itself quickly
By: marc kaufman 3 Replies
The everyday stuff... Blog Post
By: Kristine Aadland 11 Replies
Broken zirconia block
By: Alissa Hanson 2 Replies
Slight frustration with margins
By: Amr Abouzeid 21 Replies
Scale tool not available for abutments (for screw retained crown) in 4.5.2?
By: James Maholick 9 Replies
first case suggestions
By: Philip Hunt 8 Replies
25 year old case that needs repair
By: Robert Lang 5 Replies
By: Stephen Sawyer 14 Replies
By: Jose Gallegos 1 Reply
Need help finding healing abutments for some old implants for repair of bar
By: Robert Lang 4 Replies
suctions device error
By: Denise Furber 3 Replies
Cerec dentist near Hilton Head, SC
By: Stanley Waddell 2 Replies
Keyboard shortcut
By: Bill Gilbert 4 Replies
CS2 oven - zirconia bridge
By: Matthew Calkins 1 Reply
Would you recommend CEREC to a highly efficient office?
By: Will Jones 18 Replies