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Date Title
Immediate resin bonded bridge #7
By: Michael Bell
Open Zirconia Conacts Tooth 30
By: Anonymous 3 Replies
Open Zirconia Conacts Tooth 19
By: Anonymous 3 Replies
Need help with implant crown #13
By: Dr. Irving Chao 2 Replies
Biogeneric individual scanning
By: Gregory Becker 5 Replies
For Dr. Singh
By: Mark Fleming 11 Replies
Implant design crashing my primescan
By: Benson Wong 7 Replies
bridge 20,21, (fractured) wing 22 and crown13
By: Ruchika Khetarpal 8 Replies
Bizarre Crown Proposal. Help!
By: Anonymous 2 Replies
#2 Open Margin After Firing Cycle
By: Dmitry Merzon 7 Replies
EMAX #2- what's the problem?
By: Aparna Sadineni
split anterior implant crown
By: Daniel Minchik 2 Replies
Help with Implant #13
By: Navkiran Dhillon 1 Reply
Design help with maryland bridge
By: Kevin Warner 2 Replies
Need help implant restoration biohorizon
By: Rohini Singh 9 Replies
Very new user with anterior questions and new preps/pictures
By: Anonymous 5 Replies
Very new user with anterior questions and under reduced preps
By: Anonymous 7 Replies
Primescan anterior implant insertion problem
By: Anonymous 9 Replies
Implant #13
By: Jose Bartolomei 3 Replies
#30 implant from hell
By: Chelsea Barr 4 Replies
16 Crown wont fit - rocks bucco-lingually!
By: Dental ME 2 Replies
36 Crown lingual margins not flush! Help!
By: Dental ME 6 Replies
little room for implant crown
By: Nathan Saydyk 3 Replies
Help with designing abutment and crown design
By: Jamie Sieng 2 Replies
Occlusal contact adjustments
By: Anonymous 5 Replies
help with midline design
By: Benson Wong 10 Replies
Case outside the placed model
By: Anonymous 4 Replies
scan body not showing in click scan body step
By: Jonathan Nash 4 Replies
implant restoration options
By: Tara Meachum 1 Reply
Azento case - milled crown not seating on custom abutment
By: Clifton Cameron 1 Reply
Neodent Implant crown HELP!
By: Kevin Fryer 10 Replies
Help I am having problems designing a posterier abutment
By: Tracy Benhamou 6 Replies
Cement retained crown 11
By: Anonymous 12 Replies
Help with implant abutment
By: Thomas Layton 4 Replies
Difficult Implant Crown Design
By: Thad Vincent 3 Replies
maryland design
By: Constantinos Loizides 4 Replies
4 anteriors
By: Anonymous 14 Replies
how to resolve minimal thickness issue w/ multi layer abutment
By: Michael Longlet
Help with imaging ATLANTIS IOFLOW #13,14
By: Doug Wolfe 3 Replies
Please Help With Bridge Design 13-15
By: Rohini Singh 5 Replies
Help with implant design
By: Aaron Erickson 6 Replies
Restoration deleted after saving and closing
By: Tyler Siegert
By: Jose Bartolomei 2 Replies
Screw retained #30
By: Jeffrey Ashe 1 Reply
9i split case
By: Anonymous 3 Replies
Please help with bridge design
By: Anonymous 2 Replies
multilayer implant crown
By: Anonymous 3 Replies
Help with proposal for crown under partial. Getting unworkable proposal.
By: Brandon Kearbey 4 Replies
Help please with implant #19
By: Anonymous 5 Replies
Anterior crowns X3 with central implant help
By: Bryan Burrows 10 Replies