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Premium Membership

For the CEREC doctor who wants access to hundreds of CEREC software tutorial and update videos.

Learn how to maximize your CEREC investment with videos created by the expert cerecdoctors.com staff. Comprehensive lessons include: Troubleshooting, Galileos Software, Tutorials and Updates, Clinical and Surgical (filmed on real patients) and CEREC Products. Premium members can also upload an RST file for evaluation by their cerecdoctors.com peers, and access CEREC-related downloads in our Resources area.

Academy Membership

For the CEREC doctor who wants to build confidence, proficiency, practice and team.

Academy membership is designed for the doctor interested in increasing efficiencies practice-wide. Watch and learn through all of the Premium-level membership benefits, see monthly CE-eligible Webinars, attend a Seminar at the Spear Campus in Scottsdale, Ariz., utilize Team Training videos on both cerecdoctors.com and Spear Online – and increase case acceptance with Spear’s proven library of Patient Education videos.

Registration for Dentsply Sirona World 2017 in Las Vegas is included in your Academy Membership.

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Mentor Membership

For the CEREC doctor who wants access to everything Premium and Academy memberships offer, AND be a leader in the CEREC community.

The cerecdoctors.com Mentor Group comprises doctors who are the true leaders in the CEREC community. They actively contribute to the discussion boards and engage with new CEREC users in workshops and seminars at our Scottsdale Campus. Membership benefits include workshop audits, two complimentary seminars, Beta testing new CEREC software and other products, the annual Mentor Meeting, and much more.

Registration for Dentsply Sirona World 2017 in Las Vegas is also included in your Mentor Membership. The annual Mentor Meeting, featuring select industry speakers, will be held in Las Vegas on Sept. 13, the day before Dentsply Sirona World.

We are proud of our Mentors and currently have a waiting list for members who’d like to be a part of this exceptional group.

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or $4,495 per year annual upfront
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