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Airway Prosthodontics – Taking Dentistry Beyond Sleep Apnea and Advancement Appliances New Course

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14 CE Credits



Dates & Locations:
  • Jeff Rouse

Course Objectives

Airway Prosthodontics is the study of aberrant breathing — when awake and asleep — and its impact on the development and health of the stomatognathic system. This specialty moves beyond sleep appliances and their impact on the airway during sleep.

Learn to recognize breathing-disturbed sleep and the associated anatomic "choke points" of respiration. This course will give you a solid foundation and systematic approach to controlling and resolving airway issues and their associated dental co-morbidities within a restorative dental practice.

Participants Will Learn:

  • To understand how breathing-related disruption of sleep is not limited to apnea
  • How upper airway flow limitation creates an environment for poor sleep consolidation and chronic stress
  • To identify the three categories of airway patients and the screening questionnaires and monitoring devices employed for each group
  • The causal and correlational relationships between the top 10 dental problems and dysfunctional breathing
  • The importance of breathing disordered sleep on the systemic, neurocognitive, and craniofacial development of our pediatric patients
  • To determine why the ideal time for intervention is when children are 4 years old, and how dentistry needs to adapt to a Prevent-Control-Resolve strategy
  • To understand the importance of nasal breathing, the damaging sequela of mouth breathing, and the strategies to promote proper function
  • A systematic approach to controlling and resolving sleep-induced airway issues – This six-step protocol walks dentists through an evaluation and management strategy that ranges from simple options to manage airway issues to progressively more complex solutions.
  • How to expand your interdisciplinary dental team to include sleep physicians, otolaryngologists, myofunctional therapists, and more

Airway Prosthodontics – Taking Dentistry Beyond Sleep Apnea and Advancement Appliances

14 CE Credits

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