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Implant crowns are one of my favorite procedures

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Implant crowns are by far my biggest ROI when using my CEREC and I love not only how simple the process can be but how gorgeous they are. I schedule my patients for two, 30 min appointments and often they are out the door before that. My assistants do the initial scanning, the initial design, and then I check it and make sure I like the emergence profile and push mill (this way I can say I made it ;). My assistant places the crown on the Tibase and we get the patient in within a few days at the most. My personal time with the patient is typically about 10 min unless there is a hiccup. It's amazing. 

We have really been trying to focus on just taking a few minutes to contour and characterize all of our restorations instead of racing from the mill to the oven. It's so much fun for my team to see what they are capable of doing and it really does just take a few extra minutes. 

If you are not doing implant restorations, do yourself and your patients a favor and take level 3! You will love the results!!

Beautiful and great information on mapping your colors. Just got off phone with senior dental student and conversation was how fun restoring implants was nowadays when I opened Cdocs and saw your post. Thanks for your great post.

Beautiful case Kris!

I wish non-Cerec people could see this for what it is: huge ROI and huge patient service! The savings over sending to a lab are tremendous, the control is outstanding, the results are undeniable. There's absolutely no downside! Thanks for sharing!

It’s one of my favorites also 

Pretty awesome. Looks like #30 could use some of your magical attention

I have 2 of these in my own mouth.


It's definitely been a game changer for me ever since taking level 3. Great job Kristine.