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First Onlay of 2019- Tetric CAD

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So far I have really enjoyed using Ivoclars Composite Block- Tetric CAD. The restorations mill great, and the material disappears once bonded. As CEREC users, we have the unique ability to preserve tooth structure and produce same day, biomemetic onlays and inlays. 

Here is a before and after on tooth #14. 

Great job. Looks amazing. I have been using Tetric a lot lately.  Bond in with Calibra resin cement, they do disappear.  Onlay and Inlay preps are fun when they fit perfectly. Tetric seems to mill perfectly. 


Lately, If its not an implant tibase question or 3D printed model seems like no one wants to comment anymore. Good old bread and butter dentistry sometimes is beautiful and profitable, and mostly simple. 

very nice, Brett!


Excellent Brett! Guessing at what your prep even looked like, which all the more adds to it's blending....  Bread and Butter is where it's AT each and every day!


I love doing implants, surgery and all the crazy stuff you see on these boards, but at the end of the day- I love this type of dentistry more.