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This summer I had the opportunity to go to a women in leadership meeting held by Dentsply Sirona where I met some amazing and talented women. I have been working hard to get them to post their cases but it has been a little intimidating for them due to some previous experiences so I asked if I could share a few of the cases that get sent my way. It is intimidating to share work that you created yourself because you have to own it and often we pour our heart into our work.  This is the only way though as a community we can elevate ourselves and other clinicians by sharing our work, encouraging other,s and offering constructive criticism when needed. It has been disheartening to see some of the bashing that happens online on some of the Facebook groups and that is why I am so proud of the community that we have all created with cerecdoctors.com.

Look at this work!!! I was blown away. Just to be clear- These are not my cases. I would be so proud to show them as my own, but I get no credit for this talent.

Case 1- e.max crowns #26 & 27

Case 2- Empress veneer #8

Let's show these talented doctors that posting your cases doesn't have to be scary. Show your support, and if you have feedback they are hungry for it, but just be kind in how you present it please ;)

Beautiful work and great photography to top it off. Very talented ladies.


Kristine !

Thanks for sharing these wonderful cases.  These Cerec dentists should be very proud of what they can do for their patients. 


These are excellent restorations!
Theres nothing to be scared of, this is the most supportive and respectful dental community in the world.

Come on in mystery CERECers, the water is warm!

Just EXCELLENT cases....!! Thanks for sharing... is this the woman's only group? cause I would like to show up and learn!  winking


BOTH cases look great and the care the first doc took to characterize the roots and incisal edges on the first case was amazing!

I have only one critique, and I'm sure Sam will have it too...getting an immediate post-op for internal use is great...but give the tissue a little time to heal, or at least use some astringent on the tissue, to really have some awesome "presentation worthy" pictures.

#26 is some sort of wonderful. That’s an amazing result.

Awesome stuff! Really great work and definitely something that needs to be shared! Would love to see and hear more details about the cases!

These are really, really impressive cases! I’ve only practiced a little over year, started posting a couple of cases throughout that year and was intimidating at first. However, this community is unlike most and maintains a very friendly and constructive culture.

The feedback I have gotten has allowed me to improve my skills, my eye for certain things, and the quality of my work. In these cases, I think they have more to offer then learn, so please don’t feel discouraged to post ...I for one would love to hear and learn from your skills!

Beautiful cases!

I am actually blown away by the result this Dr got on 26.  A true artist.

If I ever need dental care. I’m getting your friends number. Wow!


Nice "friendly" post Kris. Beautiful restorations to say the least. Truly talented and thank you for sharing!


Thanks so much for posting these cases.

I hope this encourages some of the people in your audience to post more of these beautiful results.


thumbs up

really really nice cases

Amazing work all around! Great job! Very impressive clinical and photography skills to say the least.

The texture and characterization is truly impressive.  I'd love more details on the technique.

Amazing results! How was the maxillary central characterized to match its neighbor?  How was it cemented? Inquiring minds would like to know...

WOW!  Stunning work.  I would love more practice with anteriors.  I took the Level 4 case, but I still find myself sending out because "it is just easier!".  I feel very comfortable in the posterior, I characterize each tooth no matter if you can see it or not!  I would love to come to the next woman in leadership conference... let my business partner and I know, and we are there!  Thanks for sharing :) 

Excellent job. You should be very proud of this work.

Wow. Thank you all so much for the nice comments! I know you remember how frightening it can be when you first start putting your work out there. I truly appreciate the kindness and encouragement. 

As far as the first case, the patient wasn’t thrilled about getting another crown on 26 (he already knew about 27)so I felt motivated to give him something he would hardly notice. I did a bio reference of tooth 23 and used eMax LT A3.5. I tried it in in the purple phase and added some characterization with a hand piece. Tried to accentuate the CEJ and added a little more wear on the incisal edge. Then I stained while purple with eMax stains and glaze while looking at the high resolution photo for guidance. I cemented with variolink esthetic neutral cement  

When I look at the empress crown, all I see is the things I wish I had done differently! But for those who asked about technique, basically the same- I bioreferenced 9, milled empress multi A1, tried in and contoured by hand, stained looking at photo, and fired. I use cheap brushes and an endo file and eMax stains (empress glaze for this one). I cemented with variolink esthetic warm cement. 

I feel so encouraged from your comments and truly appreciate Kristine nudging me to share my work, even if anonymously at first;)

I am so proud of you Erin! I know this wasn’t easy but I also have seen some of your other cases that begging to get shown. You have talent lady!! Keep sharing!

keep posting Erin.  Way to come out of the gate strong.  beautiful stuff

I was starting to wonder if this was Kris’ “Richard Bachman” moment 😊

Great job Erin, and welcome to the club!

I totally had to look up that reference... Ha! I do like the idea of a pen name but I would not be shy for a second posting this work ;)

Erin, that #26 is simply amazing.