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Atlantis Workflow with Sirona Connect 4.5 From A to Z

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We have just uploaded videos that give the complete workflow for implants utilizing Atlantis to create custom abutments. You can find them here:



Also, we have a webinar Monday night:

Monthly Webinar - New Digital Implant Workflow for Atlantis Abutments Through Sirona Connect

The next cerecdoctors.com Academy exclusive monthly webinar
is scheduled for:

Monday, October 16, 2017 from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. (PDT)

With the release of Sirona Connect 4.5, CEREC® owners now have a direct digital pathway for Atlantis abutments. This webinar will feature Darin Lockaby, (Director of Sales for Digital Implant Solutions, Dentsply Sirona Implants) briefly providing an overview of Atlantis abutments, the process of getting started and the step-by-step clinical workflow. Dr. Dan Butterman will review his clinical experience with Atlantis, describe when and why he uses this workflow, specifically relative to TiBase restorations and show some excellent clinical cases. We’ll finish with a short Q&A and a list of resources to support doctors interested in moving forward with this new workflow.

Once again, when you need info concerning CEREC, cerecdoctors.com has you covered!! Enjoy!

If you are waiting on the ev tibases- this video series is a must watch.

Thanks. I had to send some Astras to a lab a few weeks ago...lab fees were ridiculous.

What’s nice is the Abutment is 150 and the Core (crown) file is no charge!

Definitely watch the videos. It’s a great workflow

I have been sending Astra Ev abutment request through Sirona Connect with great success. but the cost that they have been charging me is considerable more than $150...Plus they have charged me the core file fee. What have I missed? Thanks

That's about the same cost as buying a TiBase and a meso block with someone else doing all the design and milling (in case you're math challenged like me). Plus,  no lab work as far as bonding the abutment to the TiBase.... the assistants will have to find something else to do instead of holding the TiBase together for 7 minutes while the cement sets. 

Excellent points, Dan!

Awesome! Good timing! I've been doing a lot of reading and chats with the Dentsply reps about digital workflow for Astra EV

You're welcome Mike and Dan for not pestering you two :)

The fee of $150 is a promotional fee that is starting now for 6 months. The fee after that has not been determined. I would tune in to the webinar for more details.

Thanks...looking forward to the webinar on Monday

Beautiful abutments. Easy workflow. Excellent fit. Nice price point. This is going to be an interesting option for us.

Looking forward to Monday!

Is the IO Flow scanbody available only for DentsplySirona implants such as EV or are they available for other manufacturer's implant systems?

They're available for most major implant manufacturers.

Attached is a pdf list.


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  • US_ATLANTIS_FLO_compatibility_chart.pdf

Anyone know if this is available in Europe too?