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This young guy didn't know he had any options besides his old composite filling until we chatted with him.  Empress multi A2 with stain and glaze.  Full crown.  Disregard the black speck artifact along the gingival margin.

Nailed it Jeff, that looks fantastic!

Great work all around!!! Especially being able to pull off proper ratio/MD width, no diastema

Oh Baby, that looks sooooo good!  Love that distal contour: it is DY-NO-MITE!  Looks like the mesial got away from you a bit, but looks way better than the overlap he had!  He is one happy dude!

What mode, Reference? Nice job!

On 8/7/2017 at 4:35 pm, Mark Fleming said...

What mode, Reference? Nice job!

Yes, Reference.



JEFF EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ENOUGH SAID..........


This is beautiful! Can you go over your technique for stain and glaze? Or recommend a good video to achieve this type of even "blending"? What colors did you use? I tend to either be too heavy handed and have some pooling and "over-staining" or to be too light handed and have it look like I didn't do anything lol. Thanks!


Great work Jeff.

@John Burd  I'm not sure on which videos cover this but this was a fairly straight forward case....We went with A2 Empress Multi, polished the crown out of the mill, and then added craze lines with white stains, use an endo file and make them very thin.  We also add white stain interprox both on the M and D.  After it came out of the oven I lightly repolished the crown to take a little of the shine off the tooth.

Nice JJ !

Really nice!

Great work JJ! I know that patient was thrilled. 

Thanks for sharing,


Looks great, my only concern is that with that wear on the lateral I think he may have a parafunctional habit that may lead to chipping the distal-incisal corner sometime down the road. I would try to match up the facet on #10 to a spot on the lower and see if #9 will now have an interference, and if so equilibrate the lower.

Nice job Jeff!  thumbs up


Glad to see you back at work! 😉

Oh yeah...killer case!

Very nicely done, soft characterization.

Nice job Jeff.

Look at those skills! Gorgeous!!

As good as it gets.

Awesome outcome in terms of color and staining. I feel the mesial incisal embrasure is a bit open. Just nit picking a fantastic result.