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more fun with zirconia abutment infiltration

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I have been infiltrating all my abutments now to match what I feel would most closely resemble the stump shade of a tooth.  In this case I tried a little pink subgingival.  Now truth be told, this is a patient with a very thick biotype and I will never be able to see this affect, but I wanted to see how it came through to experiment

Very cool!

Mike what kit do you recommend and any pics of kit?


Also when do you sleep and I want to see a pic of you lab you work out of

Gene... you should see my office. You cannot even walk in there. I have mills, ovens and about 10 staining and glazing kits and infiltration kits. I have it organized in my own special way ...LOL

This was done with Vita YZ liquids, but I also use White Peaks Copran from Empire Dental Solutions.

Haven't played with the pink yet.  Looks promising.  

Is there anywhere we can buy selected Vita YZ stains?  Patterson only sells the kit.


Mike, since most of us can only wet mill the abutments until 4.5 comes out, I am wondering if we need to dry before attempting infiltration, or will we get adequate liquid penetration right out of the , wet, mill. 

Also, is there any way to speed up the sinter? I think my last abutment was 40 minutes or so

Very nice. You're inching me closer to the zirconia in-office precipice.

Hey Mike,

Do you prefer to start with a white Vita block or the colored cerec zirc blocks when you infiltrate? It seems to me, using an A2 infiltration stain on an A2 block, is over kill. Ask me how I know!



Mark- I think it certainly works better dry milled, but the infiltration also works when it's wet. You will have to experiment. Try it wet and try it after running the drying cycle.

As far as the sintering, it takes 45 or so minutes on wet cycle. You will save a little more when you do everything dry with 4.5 (about 10 minutes), but I always fire wet with the infiltration. I'm generally not in a huge hurry with these since I don't do them same day.

Kurt, with abutments I always start with the F0 InCoris Meso (white). It's like a blank canvas for you to do what you want with infiltration.

Vita full contour zirconia (YZ HT) is not precolored, so you have to paint. If I'm using CEREC Zirconia, I personally don't add a lot of body shade unless I'm trying to change the color.

Do you have any idea why the Sinter is so long with the abutments? The mass is fairly small, I would have expected a dry sinter to be in the 15 minute range.

I don't.... will find out.

Call vita directly and you can buy individual stains and shades.

On 4/17/2017 at 9:33 am, Jonathan Ford said...

Call vita directly and you can buy individual stains and shades.

Do you know the per bottle cost?

Was around $50 / bottle through Patterson 


For bridges and other non same day zirconia stuff I've been infiltrating, then stain and glaze after I see it in the mouth.  This was the closest I've gotten so far with infiltration only. I wanted to stain it still because I'm a glutton for punishment, but the patient was so happy that I cemented with infiltration only.  It looked good in the mouth, but after looking at the pics I see a couple things I would have liked to improve on.  Still, the ugly sirona zirconia is getting better in my hands each day.  Can't wait to see what the future holds.  On another note, I didn't have to touch this thing for delivery.    

great work!

Mike,  This was my first infiltrated F2 with D3 abutment.  Used vita over the top.  Will share end result this week when she comes back for post op.  Blended very nicely.  Love being able to have the strength of the zirc on this.  

Great work Robert!  Thanks for sharing so that we can all continue to improve our Zirconia techniques.  

Great Michael!

we ordered this kit a while back of the Vita Liquids but it did not come with instructions that i could find.  Do ya'll have a link where i can find it?  Just wasnt sure what the Chroma shades are for versus the others and what the stabilizer is used for.  i winged it on a molar with A1 and it looked pretty good (not nearly as pearly)  but would love to know the proper way to use them:)   thanks!