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CEREC- The Universal Language


I have just returned from a wonderful life experience. One that showed the world is small but also that CEREC can be a universal language that spreads around the globe. Not only the group assembled was wide and vast from across north America, but the interactions with those beyond our boundaries demonstrated a common goal. CEREC also has crossed over generational divisions, we saw the past and we have been teased with the future.


We embarked on seeing what is coming in the world of Dentistry from around the world at IDS, from the many manufacturers present. This was followed by field trips to some of the companies we have current ties to.


 We had the chance to have a private visit on a Saturday, Tobias Lehner came in and opened the doors to SICAT and our eyes for software refinements they are working on. At SICAT we saw their commitment to making our lives better through refinement of the software used for our imaging, 2 D radiography and our 3D radiography. They have listened to our concerns for improving how we plan and treat our Implant cases, our larger restorative cases where the articulator function will mesh with the CEREC system. Bringing us closer to the true virtual patient. Also exploring other areas where we can benefit, in particular endodontic therapy. Helping us to unlock the anatomy of the root canal systems present in the teeth we treat. Combing 2D imaging with our 3D imaging and working with the anatomy of the specific tooth. Allowing us to fully evaluate, treatment plan and perform endodontic therapy better and more efficiently.


Ivoclar opened the doors to their headquarters to allow us to see some of the magic that happens there. They showed how they develop products that are used on our patients through their whole dental life, from when teeth erupt to when teeth are lost. They create solutions not only for the largest part of our practices, restoring teeth by fabricating partial coverage and full coverage restorations, bringing our patients back to function. Ivoclar helps in the more complicated process of replacing the missing tooth, fabricating bridges and restoring the implants that solve these problems for our patients. And now digitally constructed full dentures, offering simplicity and efficiency to a laborious process.


The future for the digital workflow is expanding. but there was a day that was priceless where we had the opportunity to get a history lesson from none other than the originator. Prof. Dr Werner Mormann, a man with the simple wish to improve the way we could restore the damaged teeth our patients present with, and the determination to devote his life to make it a reality. A single visit ceramic restoration done in an economical way.


It was an honest and insightful visit where you can see his passion for improving the system continues. Improvement from a dentist for a dentist designed system. In fact when discussing the Redcam Dr. Rich Rosenblatt said “Dr Mormann even the original camera is smaller then many of the current intra-oral scanners available” and with that Dr Mormann responded “not only smaller but faster and better!” with a large grin on his face. Followed by “and we are always looking to improve the imaging”. A pioneer who realizes he needs to evolve and grow his ideas, to continue to push the technology to the limit.  This look at the past was followed by a look at the future with Dr. Moritz Zimmerman with the upcoming 4.5 software. It was a talk that teased us with improvements but also clarified questions of the past.


Materials, techniques, software and hardware all combining to create a focal point for the special group in the world of dentistry. We spoke with people from all around the globe, sharing thoughts and ideas. We made friends due to a common desire, a common language.


And that is what CEREC is, and with the hard work of many, it will continue to be.

I loved how excited Dr Mörmann got when I mentioned how much smaller his original camera is compared to some of the most recently launched cameras. Can't believe he is 75. Looks fantastic and what a kind welcoming person. Truly an Amazing week

Pete Gardell, the philosopher and pundit.  Thanks for your wonderful post.  Now I'm sorry I didn't go this year.

Dr Chuck

You and Mary were missed

Well mary was missed😜

Well said Pete! There were so many highlights to the trip. In the end, I feel luckiest to be able to rub shoulders and get to know of these amazing people on a professional and personal level. It truly has enriched our lives and made dentistry a lot more fun

Great summary Pete and amazing how far dentistry has come!

Pete:  You hit the proverbial "nail" on the head with your excellent analysis !  Thanks for posting. 



Have to agree with Winnie!!!!!!!!!

Pete - amazing perspective and as always great to see you!! Thanks for sharing buddy

Well said Pete. I'm sure everyone on that trip would agree 100%

Awesome week!