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CEREC Omnicam – Powder-free Color Camera by Sirona

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I’m here at the CEREC 27 and a half meeting, where I just had the opportunity to present a lecture on the new CEREC Omnicam. The Omnicam is the first truly powder-less, full-color, streaming intraoral camera. You simply wave the camera all over the mouth and it creates a virtual model for you.

Designed with a super-small tip, the camera allows easy access to virtually anywhere in the mouth. Not only does the camera capture images with no powder in full color, the virtual models that are created are also in full color. What you see in the mouth is exactly what you get.

All current Red and Bluecam owners are eligible to upgrade. To learn more about the camera and watch dozens of training videos, please visit www.cerecdoctors.com/omni

The faculty of cerecdoctors.com has been busy beta testing the camera, and in addition to the instructional videos that we already have on the site, we will, over the coming weeks, be updating and uploading dozens and dozens more.

There is already a robust discussion on the new Omnicam happening on the discussion forums, so join in!

The future of CAD/CAM is bright. We will have a full slew of Omnicams available at Scottsdale Center for your use in the coming weeks. So for those of you that are coming for courses, you will learn on both the Blue and the Omnicam.

Visit www.cerecdoctors.com/omni for more information.