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I posted this case a few weeks ago. It's an implant placement on #10 (3.3 Straumann Bone Level SLA Roxolid). I thought I would post a 2 week update to show how "biology rules) and we can predict tissue based on the bone.


Here is the pre-surgery picture. He had a Maryland Bridge that I used as a provisional. You can see that because there was no pressure on the papillae, it collapsed on me.



However, if you look at the Cone Beam pics, you can see that my interproximal bone is good and I would expect papillae to reform after the immediate temp was placed.




You can see that my immediate picture is still lacking papillae (obviously).



And here is the picture just 2 weeks after placement. The papillae is already starting to reform nicely.  When I restore in another 2-3 months, I would expect it to have completely filled in. Biology Rules!



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