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CEREC Maxillary Model Axis

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When restoring a maxillary tooth with CEREC we take our necessary images, stitch our Buccal Bite and then go to the Model Axis.  When we get to the Model Axis step, we see the mandibular model and not the maxillary one. The bases the model axis to the mandibular arch but that does not mean that you can’t see it and adjust it if you’d like to. 

In this example, a crown is prepped on tooth #3. When we get to the Model Axis stage, we can see the lower arch.  We try to line up the cusp tip of the canine to the distal buccal cusp of the second molar in the bottom left window. On the top left window, we set the model so we can see the buccal and lingual aspect of the arch equally when we look down the long axis of that tooth. If you want to see the maxillary arch, click on Display Objects and you will see that you have the option to click on the maxillary arch. When you click on the maxillary arch option, you will see you prep and can make minor adjustments if necessary.