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This patient walked in at 3pm with a "chipped tooth". The lingual cusp of #29 was fractured and the patient has a lower RPD clasping both the lingual and buccal as well as an occlusal rest. After a quick composite buildup to replace the lingual cusp, the entire tooth and a few neighbors were imaged in the BioCopy folder. The contents were then copied to the Lower Arch folder. Using the Cut tool, the tooth to be prepared was cut out. The tooth was prepared appropriately and the prep was imaged in the Lower Arch folder. Using this technique you will get a perfect stitch every time as there is plenty of overlapping data. The stitch was verified by turning on the BioCopy Lower over the proposal. Good stippling = accurate stitch. 


Now, it is tempting to now go to the design tools and start to play with the proposal as we always do. In this case, we want to copy the tooth, so don't touch it. You may not get a proposal that looks like a perfect crown, but it will fit. 


The crown was milled out of e.max and required no adjustments. The sprue was placed away from the interproximal contact and off the areas of the crown supporting the clasps. The lingual clasp did require a minor tweak with a pair of pliers. 90 minutes, no impressions, no lab and the patient leaves with a new crown and her partial. This use of Omnicam and the CEREC software rocks!


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