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CEREC Restorations - Spray glaze and the e.max firing tray

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Has anyone had this happen when you use spray glaze? You spray the crown to get your nice glazed finish and put it in the oven. You go to take off the crown and firing pin from the tray and you snap the bottom of the peg and it is stuck in the tray!!!  

This has happened to me 2 times. If this does happen, you are likely going to have to get out a bur and run it over that to knock it out. The reason this is happening is that you are putting the crown and pin on the tray, holding the tray and then spray glazing it.  



When you do this, the glaze will get into the hole in the tray and cause the pin to get stuck. What we do to avoid this is 1) to make sure you do not spray glaze the restoration on the tray and 2) hold the pin by the bottom so no spray gets on it and causes the same problem. Simple fix for an annoying issue that occurs for spray glazers.


I have a very Shiny firing tray


Javier--the tray I use for smaller restorations that are put on a "peg" and not on a pin has a crackle shine finish. When I have the pin, I do NOT spray the glaze on with the pin in the tray. I hold the pin as directed with a gloved hand and a dry 2x2. Even then I've had pins get stuck in the tray.

I've also used a micro-abrasion unit to clean the glaze off my trays and pins--maybe once a quarter (OCD much?). Those are still in service with over a year of this treatment.