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One topic that has repeatedly come up on the cerecdoctors.com Discussion Boards is "How do you treat a patient who needs full mouth rehab but can't afford it?". Aside from financing, often our best option is to use composite to make the occlusion and esthetic changes we need, then slowly phase the case over to ceramics at a pace that the patient can afford. The challenge with these patients is that they usually have such destruction of tooth structure that you have to treat a full arch, or even both, all at once. Composite is much more affordable, and with the correct planning and execution, can also be efficient and profitable for us. 


Here's a case where I used composite to set up an eventual rehab. Of course, we started with mounted diagnostic models and a wax-up that I eventually created matrices from to perform the composite rehab.








Now her occlusion is corrected and stable, so we can treat one tooth at a time if she wants....and we have a perfect CEREC Biocopy starting point.


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