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Date Title
problems with split emax crowns fitting
By: Brian Chan 54 Replies
Contains Video MD Bridge Proposal
By: Matthew Ballinger 2 Replies
By: Anonymous 1 Reply
first implant design premolar RC please critique
By: Jeanie Luong 7 Replies
Model Axis Warning
By: Mark Fleming 2 Replies
Case help
By: Anonymous 8 Replies
Part of data missing
By: William Chouinard 8 Replies
#21 crown won't design
By: Darlene Hildebrand 1 Reply
complications w tx plan & scanning abutments --please help
By: Stuart Waite 5 Replies
implant crowns wont seat
By: Jonathan Zsambeky 5 Replies
High occlusion screw retained implant crown
By: John Korolewski 6 Replies
second case for evaluation
By: Matthew Ryan 3 Replies
first scan & design
By: Matthew Ryan 2 Replies
central implant and lateral facial veneer
By: Dr. David Gale
Ti-base is not covered by abutment
By: Stephen Sylwestrak 2 Replies
Screw-retained crown for an angled implant?
By: Stephen Sylwestrak 3 Replies
biocopy and terrible proposal
By: Victoria Nguyen 8 Replies
Tibase not seated
By: Jennifer Wynn 14 Replies
Cerec Crown #2
By: Michael Shields 2 Replies
bridge design
By: Anonymous 3 Replies
fracted 37 crown on my mom!
By: Anonymous 21 Replies
eMax Maryland Bridge (no prep, long term)
By: Anonymous 3 Replies
Why is my crown so tall?
By: Tammy McClung 6 Replies
Help with bridge milling
By: Kenneth Tripp 3 Replies
Can't move forward to model phase
By: Craig Wright 21 Replies
#8 & #9 Anterior Crowns
By: Zachary Lechner 3 Replies
thoughts on 30 & 31 design
By: Chad Stewart 1 Reply
#7 Maryland Bridge
By: Chris Poe 5 Replies
Maryland Bridge with Rotated Tooth
By: Alex Havig 8 Replies
Do you think this implant crown will seat?
By: Sean Eschenbach 1 Reply
Model articulation for occlusal guard
By: Evan Olson 2 Replies
2 different Maryland bridge concerns
By: Peter Amundson 6 Replies
Very short surgical guide (CG2)
By: Sean Rayment 2 Replies
Bridge won't seat
By: Adam Proctor 2 Replies
Implant Bridge
By: Anonymous 3 Replies
Help - 1.3 to 2.3 (FDI) crwns, can't get a reasonable proposal without thin ceramic
By: Rand Luka 5 Replies
Maryland bridge HELP!
By: Lynelle Zabel 2 Replies
Tibase proposal
By: Helen Lester 13 Replies
e.max margins chipping - What am I doing wrong?
By: Ryan Jones 17 Replies
implant crowns
By: Jyoti Patel 2 Replies
Tibase proposal
By: Anonymous 11 Replies
Help designing Implant crown
By: Jeffrey Clark 2 Replies
Implant crown #18
By: Olivia Benson 2 Replies
15 year old girl. No prep veneer case
By: Anonymous 5 Replies
6 unit anterior case please help
By: Amir Daoud 4 Replies
Help Designing Anterior Crown
By: Anonymous 7 Replies
Temp. Anterior Bridge
By: George Evans 4 Replies
Bridge block
By: Brandon Smith 3 Replies
Missing Scale Tool for Abutment?
By: Jarrod Campbell 3 Replies
Implant #9
By: Buck Linthicum 2 Replies