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Date Title
7&8 Design Help
By: Anonymous 5 Replies
implant abutment design question
By: Brian Chan 6 Replies
Help with abutment retained designs, #12, 13, 14
By: Tracy Provenghi 4 Replies
please provide feedback not 100% happy
By: Anonymous 3 Replies
Open Margin Help Please
By: Anonymous 2 Replies
Help with design on Maryland bridge
By: Sunny Patel 2 Replies
Need help with multiple implant design/proposal
By: Wilson Ackerman 2 Replies
#12 and #13
By: Chad Carpenter 2 Replies
"spike" of tooth structure in proposal
By: Mark LeMonnier 6 Replies
First Implant Design Case - #29 cement retained Emax
By: Zachary Lechner 9 Replies
2 Screw retained Implant Restore-HELP
By: Dr Christoff Lotter 1 Reply
Biohorizon Scan post
By: Peajmun Peajmun 7 Replies
Trying to mill a CG2. Not sure what this error message means or how to fix it.
By: Nick Cost 5 Replies
Proposals are always off on Occl, Dr. struggles getting any Occl contact
By: Amanda Whitford 4 Replies
implant help
By: Gregory Freed 6 Replies
Nobel design case in 4.4.4
By: Jeffrey Butts 2 Replies
Tibase abutment proposal
By: Helen Lester 7 Replies
Please help with design
By: Anonymous 7 Replies
What did I do wrong with this implant scan?
By: J. David Fowler 6 Replies
Restoration would not seat
By: Steven Farley 3 Replies
Need help with design, tooth 22 (Canadian here lol)
By: Sean McIntosh 2 Replies
Please help with design. Trying to design abutments, then scan and design a 3 unit bridge
By: Sean McIntosh 2 Replies
custom abutment only option???
By: Jeffrey Collura 2 Replies
Having problems with minimal thickness
By: Lige Dunaway 1 Reply
strange proposal on a lone standing molar
By: Paul Kruth 7 Replies
By: Anonymous 2 Replies
Bridge would not seat
By: Alissa Hanson 1 Reply
28 29 multi layer molten lava scanpost
By: Christopher Bauer 3 Replies
scanpost image is distorted
By: Justin Griffin 3 Replies
Implant case not seating
By: John Korolewski 7 Replies
Implant crown won't seat
By: Erin Green 9 Replies
Trouble restoring Strauman Tissue level #31
By: William DAngelo 2 Replies
implant crn proposal
By: Tammy McClung 5 Replies
Anterior bridge proposal #6-8
By: Tyler Siegert 2 Replies
Implant crown UGLy on #29 and I don’t know how to split
By: Robert Gallien 4 Replies
distal lingual of margin chipping during milling
By: Steven Carlson 7 Replies
Help with #18,19 implant crowns not fitting abutments
By: Doug Wolfe 5 Replies
implant crown design help needed #30
By: J. David Fowler 5 Replies
implant crown design help needed #30
By: J. David Fowler 3 Replies
veneers dont fit
By: Anonymous 14 Replies
design help #8 and #9
By: Janis Milne 2 Replies
first implant crown, please critique
By: Jeffrey Collura 1 Reply
Implant crown design
By: Arash Hosseini 2 Replies
Advice on Two Anterior Maryland Bridges
By: Michael Putt 14 Replies
bridge design, 2nd case bite very tight
By: Kevin Warner 3 Replies
Please evaluate MD Bridge 6-8
By: Jeff Burns 3 Replies
contact not showing
By: Philip Uffer 11 Replies
Maryland bridge milling difficulty
By: Michael Putt 1 Reply
Mayland bridge
By: Jennifer Wynn 4 Replies
Ortho scan missing data
By: Pascal Nguyen 3 Replies