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Date Title
Please help with this case
By: Selma Yucedal 2 Replies
Help Seating
By: Steven Schiffenhaus 5 Replies
circular tool and working area highlight will not work
By: Paul Bookman 3 Replies
Cannot Unlock Acquisition
By: Chad Tomazin 8 Replies
case review
By: Brian Chan 4 Replies
please help with this case
By: Aaron Horsley 1 Reply
2 implant crowns
By: Daniel Minchik 6 Replies
help with 4 single units
By: David Pavlick 2 Replies
Help with 7-10 veneer case
By: Renu Michelsen 1 Reply
Help with implant case #15
By: Nick Cost 9 Replies
Help Screw retained implant crown using TruAbutment....Mill cuts into metal part of block
By: Mark Sutherland 8 Replies
Katana trouble
By: Maricarmen Justiniano
first implant case
By: Rima Patel 2 Replies
Having trouble with Katana won't seat properly, tight fit and very high
By: Maricarmen Justiniano
Help Please
By: Steven Goguen 1 Reply
help with first Implant case scan
By: Anonymous 2 Replies
Please help with first multilayer implant case
By: Anonymous
Help with anterior case
By: Anonymous 2 Replies
Implant bridge in premium with file
By: Nathan Saydyk 1 Reply
Implant bridge in premium
By: Nathan Saydyk 4 Replies
Anterior Implant Help
By: Jan Rella 2 Replies
4.6 implant proposal
By: Mark Porco 3 Replies
Lower veneer case, embrasure issues
By: C. Mark Fort 2 Replies
bridge on implant design
By: Pascal Nguyen 3 Replies
Implant Crown Design Help
By: Steven Schiffenhaus 2 Replies
Implant Crown Design Help
By: Anonymous 1 Reply
Hybrid Implants 3 4
By: Grayson Palmer
First implant case
By: Megan Hamner 3 Replies
need help with crown design #9 and 10
By: Delayne LeFevre
SOS PLEASE PLEASE!!! Help Needed on Previously Uploaded Case
By: Angie LeCras 6 Replies
Need help with Atlantis proposal
By: Steven Schiffenhaus 4 Replies
Bridge is not being recognized by milling unit
By: Anonymous 6 Replies
Help with implant design if possible - Tooth #24
By: Janice Pilon 1 Reply
Trouble Scanning and Drawing Margin and weird Proposal
By: Luke Singh 1 Reply
Need help with Design
By: Luke Singh 1 Reply
biocopy bridge 4.6
By: Steve Nielsen 2 Replies
weird implant propsal
By: Trent Redfearn 3 Replies
Need help on implant design.
By: Mark Simmons 1 Reply
Need help with design
By: Anonymous 2 Replies
Help! Ugly proposal
By: Anonymous 4 Replies
Celtra Duo Reduction
By: Anonymous 9 Replies
First maryland bridge. Please evaluate.
By: Matt Kunasek 6 Replies
need help design this abutment supported crown
By: Rohini Singh 12 Replies
Distal open margin #14
By: Asha Madhavan 7 Replies
Need help for Lower No Prep Maryland Bridge
By: Angie LeCras 4 Replies
odd prposal, 2 implant crowns, 20, 21. half of the scanpost present during proposal
By: Jonathan Nash 18 Replies
Maryland Bridge Fail - Help
By: Anonymous 9 Replies
Astra EV implant case with Cerec 4.6 (US)
By: Paul Cardon 1 Reply
Having trouble getting a good proposal
By: Doug Smail 6 Replies
4 unit PFZ Bridge lab error?
By: Anonymous 4 Replies