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Date Title
help design implant crown #19
By: Anonymous 1 Reply
please help design #20 and #21
By: Anonymous 1 Reply
Unable to get zirc abut to work- time for Atlantis?
By: Allison Piper 1 Reply
no scanbody
By: Helen Lester 5 Replies
please critique my implant proposal
By: Tammy McClung 2 Replies
Please help me design my first case
By: Diana Rodriguez 8 Replies
scan post imaging
By: Helen Lester 2 Replies
I need help please
By: Angie LeCras 6 Replies
Help with Implant crown #29 please
By: Steven Goguen
Half of scan body disappears
By: Tammy McClung 7 Replies
Need help
By: Angie LeCras
need help with design bridge
By: Rohini Singh 6 Replies
Lost scan post
By: Mark Gray 11 Replies
Need help in adjusting connectors of Bridge.
By: Yousaf Ahmad 2 Replies
Need help with 6-11 anterior crown case
By: Rohini Singh 6 Replies
Help with scanbody not showing in model phase
By: Jamie Sieng 2 Replies
Anterior bridge need help.
By: Rohini Singh 3 Replies
#9 crown too thin
By: Rohini Singh 2 Replies
Broken Zirconia Bridge During Milling
By: Paul Kruth 2 Replies
need help on implant case
By: Craig Wright 3 Replies
need help with implant case
By: Craig Wright 3 Replies
first multilayer
By: Michael Miller 1 Reply
Rotated/canted anterior implant case
By: Jane Rossell
Anyone seen this w/ Atlantis?
By: William Chouinard
Veneer #9 can't get it right :(
By: Sharon Bleiler 1 Reply
narrow anterior implant restoration
By: James Groeber 8 Replies
Maryland bridge HELP
By: Jennifer Wynn 2 Replies
please help with closing embrasure space
By: Michael Han 9 Replies
Implant/abutment Supported FPD
By: Jose Bartolomei 3 Replies
Question about #3 CeltraDuo crown design
By: Kristi Johnson 16 Replies
unable to mill
By: Nibu Varguise 1 Reply
By: Mark Fleming 7 Replies
Needing Analysis of Bridge case#29-31
By: Anonymous 4 Replies
Veneer case not sitting properly
By: Peajmun Peajmun 3 Replies
help with implant restoration
By: Jay Talbot 2 Replies
biogeneric copy HELP 24-25 cantilever
By: Lynelle Zabel 2 Replies
Atlantis bridge design HELP!
By: Jennifer Wynn 2 Replies
Multilayer abutment
By: Michael Grandy
#19 second implant crown designed
By: Grayson Palmer 2 Replies
bad bioreference proposal
By: Michael Eickman 1 Reply
difficulties with adjacent crown and implant case
By: Michael Han
crown doesn't seat on abutment
By: Rachel Fine 2 Replies
Another thickness issue, but I believe it's a bit different
By: Matt Verheul 5 Replies
Please help with Maryland bridge
By: George Evans 8 Replies
Maryland bridge
By: Polly Reese 2 Replies
"Restoration does not meet minimal thickness requirements" Problem
By: Will Jones 19 Replies
please help design
By: Anonymous 1 Reply
Scan Bodies are present but distorted when asked to click on SB head
By: Christopher Cappetta 5 Replies
New problem today - saying meso block is incorrect block even though it is.
By: Will Jones 3 Replies
By: Charles LoGiudice 5 Replies