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Date Title
maryland bridge help
By: Kimberly Pitts 5 Replies
Scan post
By: Stuart Yoon 2 Replies
Implant crown proposal with no contact please help!
By: David Lin 3 Replies
Implant #30 weird proposal and my fix
By: Nathan Saydyk 5 Replies
Open margins on crowns, new user
By: Brent Bush 16 Replies
First Implant Crown
By: Abe Thomas 1 Reply
Help with proposal for 6 unit veneers for my employee-first esthetic case with cerec
By: Amy Kiesselbach 6 Replies
Contains Video Help with Implant Case
By: Joshua Etman 2 Replies
Contains Video second attempt at uploading this one
By: Andrew Couch 3 Replies
help with split implant nbrs 3.5
By: Andrew Couch 1 Reply
Implant Scan Post/ Scan Body Imaging Probelm
By: Todd Yerendopolous 1 Reply
split implant case crown not fitting on abut
By: Todd Miesel 1 Reply
Open margins on first implant abutment and crown
By: Kevin Miller 5 Replies
Crown binding at seat again! Is it a prep problem, the spacer, insertion axis??
By: Anonymous
Abutment/tissue pressure
By: Sam Pominville 1 Reply
Had to send this to the lab???
By: Jorge Angulo 4 Replies
1st implant restoration
By: Craig Wright 3 Replies
my first anterior bridge case, please help!
By: Anonymous 9 Replies
Contains Video Need help w maryland bridge
By: Rekha Reddy 2 Replies
Another Split Implant Case for Evaluation (First One)
By: Nathan Saydyk 1 Reply
Split Implant abutment design put abutment deep subgingival!!!
By: Dr Christoff Lotter 3 Replies
Why can't i move rest up in my block?
By: Mara Woodard 8 Replies
Lingual in red & error message
By: Anonymous 3 Replies
Restoring Straumann implant w/ Sirona Tibase
By: Janet Song
By: Anonymous 1 Reply
how do I mill a Maryland bridge out of LAVA?
By: Corey Karmazin 9 Replies
Having trouble splitting crown
By: John Sherman 3 Replies
first split case
By: William Robinson 5 Replies
To split or not?
By: Sully Sullivan 18 Replies
Can you help me with my proposal?
By: Steven Kobayashi 4 Replies
Teeth #'s 8 and 9 crowns keep fracturing in milling!!!!!!!
By: Beth Skovron 14 Replies
Adapted Proposal Tool Location Video
By: Gregory Mark
Contains Video Undercuts or Undermilled? We had to adjust the inside of the crown to get it to seat
By: Anonymous 3 Replies
trouble with onlay seating
By: Anonymous 10 Replies
maryland splint
By: Andrew Couch 2 Replies
Need help with this case
By: Anonymous 1 Reply
By: Kevin Miller 2 Replies
Implant crown #8
By: Mark Minchow 3 Replies
Help with my first abutment crown - contacts and occlusion
By: Ross Williams 3 Replies
Help with implant Restoration Design
By: John Humphrey 1 Reply
screw retained crown
By: Janet Song 3 Replies
Help txt planning first full mouth rehab
By: Ted Chamberlain 3 Replies
Poor Initial Proposal on #30
By: Mark Hower 2 Replies
Restoration of Multiple Poorly Placed Implants
By: Chandler Humphreys 1 Reply
21 implant supported crown please help asap to complete design
By: Angela Murray 3 Replies
Why are the crowns disappearing when I edit in design mode
By: Jeffrey Butts 2 Replies
Getting weird proposal from biocopy
By: Ejaz Ali 8 Replies
Still unsure why this didn't seat
By: Matthew Sandberg 11 Replies
anterior implant restorations split causes too much room for abutment
By: Charles Lohr 12 Replies
Mayland Bridge Connector Help
By: Nicholas Cakmes 2 Replies