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Established in 2006

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Date Title
help design abutment and crown on #6
By: Anonymous 3 Replies
Labs that can create STL file?
By: Steven Goguen 5 Replies
Proposal in weird, why
By: Tom Drummond 2 Replies
Help with custom tissue healer/final crown.
By: Marty Williams
#30 custom abutment/crown rock
By: Douglas Anderson 4 Replies
First anterior Implant split case, problem.
By: John Toccafondi 13 Replies
Scan post not allowing bite to settle
By: Angela Sullivan 7 Replies
Contains Video correct file...misfits in a buccal lingual direction
By: Tyler Robb 2 Replies
#19 implant case
By: Julita Patil 7 Replies
Scan Post capture incomplete?
By: Ryan Doyle 1 Reply
Can this multi abutment implant case be done in inlab?
By: Charlton Ho 3 Replies
By: Jeremy Badger 4 Replies
Contains Video upper central on Implant
By: Leith Jacobs 11 Replies
Bioreference issues...Help!
By: Don McAdams 13 Replies
Implant crown design help
By: Sunny Patel 4 Replies
help with difficult scan
Upper Left central Incisor on Implant
By: Leith Jacobs 1 Reply
new user - #4 buccal open
By: Julia Gourley 2 Replies
Upper Central Incisors
By: Leith Jacobs 1 Reply
What is going on with this case!!!!!!
By: Rekha Reddy 8 Replies
Concerned about tissue response for a #9 implant screw-retained temporary crown.
By: James Alexander
#7 slipt implant case
By: Manning Lloyd
Restore Implant Upper Left Central
By: Leith Jacobs 3 Replies
File failing to upload
By: Leith Jacobs 2 Replies
Anterior Bridge Design
By: Anonymous 4 Replies
need help with this implant restoration
By: Ashish Kakadia 7 Replies
Contains Video Mesial Contact
By: James Elliott 1 Reply
By: Luke Gambee 1 Reply
Crown on implant upper left central incisor
By: Leith Jacobs 1 Reply
my first implant case
By: Stuart Yoon 10 Replies
help on first anterior cases
By: Beth Skovron
Would you or would you not in EMax?
By: C. Mark Fort 5 Replies
Need help with an implant crown design
By: Eric Levine 1 Reply
struggling with #18 implant
By: Joe Kern 6 Replies
Minimal thickness problem after split for implant #8
By: Josh Summers
Not like how I delivered it!...open contact today!
By: Joey Bongiorno 6 Replies
First Cerec implant restorative case
By: Joseph Bologna 1 Reply
Bridge Connector Issue
By: Charles Clark 1 Reply
Biocopy 4 anteriors
By: C. Mark Fort 5 Replies
Help with reset on implant case
By: C. Mark Fort 2 Replies
mesial contact rst file now
By: James Elliott 2 Replies
Help..A split case that doesn't fit!
By: Mark Makram 2 Replies
By: Astidental di Sabbione SPA 2 Replies
#10, split or screw retained? Minimal thickness problem?
By: Jonathan Nash 4 Replies
Feedback on Anterior implants case
By: Charles Duchsherer 3 Replies
Biocopy 4 anteriors
By: C. Mark Fort 1 Reply
Simple but baffling problem in a 3-unit bridge case, please help
By: Leslie Fina 4 Replies
Scanpost present in design phase?
By: Jeffrey Clark 2 Replies
Screw retained implant crown #30
By: Paul Rashid 2 Replies
implants 30/31
By: Michael Opler 4 Replies