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Established in 2006

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Date Title
Weird Biocopy Case. Any Input?
By: Connor Jorgensen 2 Replies
#18 crown fractured twice
By: Megan Hamner 7 Replies
Need HELP with first implant split restoration case
By: Amy Kiesselbach 7 Replies
Maryland Bridges - 2nd Opinion Please
By: Jarrod Campbell 4 Replies
my first cerec crown
By: Bud Malinoski 2 Replies
anterior help
By: Bud Malinoski 2 Replies
scan post missing on main jaw model ???
By: Dr Manuela Barsan 6 Replies
Onlay difficulties
By: Angela Murray 6 Replies
trouble creating zirconia crown
By: Anonymous 1 Reply
Open ginival margins: NEED HELP!
By: Phillippe Freeman 11 Replies
Help with 28-30 multi-layered
By: Will Jones 2 Replies
"bone level" implants
By: Amy Rappold 6 Replies
splingting this #10 implant crn gives wired proposal.
By: Joseph Kim 2 Replies
E.Max crowns have a gouge
By: Robert Jungman 6 Replies
My first anterior implant split crown. can anyone help?
By: Joseph Kim 3 Replies
HELP patient in chair proposals Buccal and Lingual inverted
By: Nick Faure 3 Replies
screw retained implant crown
By: Alberto Taylor 2 Replies
Split Case tool problems
By: Bill Burkhart 10 Replies
Abutment #9 no bio reference
By: Scott Ellis 5 Replies
crown thickness?
By: Alberto Taylor 1 Reply
tissue level with limited VDO
By: Amy Rappold 1 Reply
Implant crown #6
By: Gary Sapienza 6 Replies
zirconia failure while milling
By: Tere Nelson 4 Replies
Help with Contacts
By: James Elliott 3 Replies
Help! First cement retained crown.
By: Jim Cruson 6 Replies
To re-prep or not to reprep
By: Jeffrey Butts 2 Replies
Aquisition tabs locked. Can thet be unlocked for new scanning?
By: Joseph Kim 11 Replies
Please help with premolar 12/13 implant crown designs
By: Penelope Chang 5 Replies
What is going on with the pontic on 10
By: Michael Mingle 3 Replies
Contains Video Help to restore two premolar adjacent implants with Deep Margins/Difficult angulation
By: Chase Kelly 14 Replies
By: Azadeh Shahab 1 Reply
Help with custom tissue healer/final crown.
By: Marty Williams 10 Replies
First time Maryland bridge
By: Jonathan Weisman 2 Replies
No scan post head after setting model axis?
By: Lane Eddleman 2 Replies
Contains Video Please help with implant case
By: Julita Patil 3 Replies
My first bridge case
By: Tom Cho 2 Replies
Margin Chipping
By: Jonathan Markham 8 Replies
"Sunday Bite"
By: Chad Carpenter 7 Replies
Implant #9 deisgn telio cad
By: Jonathan Ford
Margin Chipping on straight buccal
By: Jonathan Markham 4 Replies
First implant cases. Please evaluate.
By: Mark Minchow 5 Replies
implant bridge
By: Dr. David Gale 5 Replies
Can this be done cement retained?
By: Matthew Lonier 8 Replies
help design abutment and crown on #6
By: Anonymous 3 Replies
Labs that can create STL file?
By: Steven Goguen 5 Replies
Proposal in weird, why
By: Tom Drummond 2 Replies
#30 custom abutment/crown rock
By: Douglas Anderson 4 Replies
First anterior Implant split case, problem.
By: John Toccafondi 13 Replies
Scan post not allowing bite to settle
By: Angela Sullivan 7 Replies
Contains Video correct file...misfits in a buccal lingual direction
By: Tyler Robb 2 Replies