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#8 and #9 Emax monolithic crowns on a prep and an Atlantis custom abutment
By: Kim Doyle 3 Replies
By: Dr Christoff Lotter
cerec 4.6 smile design
By: Ross Enfinger 10 Replies
Traumatic occlusion case
By: Rohini Singh 16 Replies
internal bleaching
By: Steve Harris 11 Replies
Happy New Year! SPS Year 2
By: Michael Snider 13 Replies
8 and 9 crown and implant... work in progress
By: Mike Skramstad 3 Replies
Anatomic vs intersecting connectors
By: Rohini Singh 1 Reply
Existing partial
By: George Evans 2 Replies
I have a suggestion which I think will improve the software
By: Charles LoGiudice 11 Replies
Implant Direct
By: Robert Clapcich 1 Reply
E.max bridge shade challenge
By: Paul Kruth 10 Replies
Milling question
By: Paul Kruth 4 Replies
Christmas miracle
By: Ross Enfinger 6 Replies
I can't figure this one out either
By: Charles LoGiudice 6 Replies
What Some People Do...
By: Chris Miller 5 Replies
#7-10 Printed Wax-up Biocopy Case
By: Andrew Hall 6 Replies
By: Shivani Pandit 1 Reply
My Blue Collar morning
By: Charles LoGiudice 8 Replies
Veteran implant restore
By: Eric Ballou 1 Reply
Flipper was not his cup of tea Blog Post
By: Anthony Ponzio 17 Replies
crown lengthing
By: Sima Chegini 2 Replies
No prep Tetric CAD case Blog Post
By: Mike Skramstad 24 Replies
Saved the tooth and the crown
By: Charles LoGiudice 3 Replies
These two took me 4 hours.
By: Armin Giessmann 10 Replies
Printing " Snap On Smile"
By: Robert Clapcich 4 Replies
First Azento Case - it is as advertised...... Blog Post
By: Andrew Hall 10 Replies
root banking
By: Ross Enfinger 7 Replies
TP this implant. How would you approach
By: Michael Mingle 4 Replies
Bad pics of my first 28-crown CEREC/Inlab case
By: Armin Giessmann 9 Replies
Bread and Butter AZENTO Blog Post
By: Michael Snider 22 Replies
Why I want to take Dr. Kaufman's cone beam course
By: Robert Clapcich 2 Replies
Don't forget the Maryland bridge! Blog Post
By: John Yu 11 Replies
Need help with Maryland bridge design
By: Jody Yeargan 1 Reply
Working around the wire: #9 Azento with Braces.
By: Darin O'Bryan 15 Replies
Maryland Bridge Veneer
By: Jennifer Bell 3 Replies
I've Sat on This Case A While...
By: Chris Miller 8 Replies
Bridges with Altlantis Abutments - Chairside SW workaround
By: Bob Conte 8 Replies
The patient wanted this saved, but for how long?
By: Charles LoGiudice 1 Reply
Presentations and Video
By: Douglas Smail, OMFS
A Blast From The Past - The Assavior Jig
By: Bob Conte 15 Replies
New laterals in time for his upcoming vacation
By: John Yu 5 Replies
12S defective error need help ASAP
By: Angela Murray 6 Replies
to treat or not to treat
By: André TAM HO 10 Replies
Fun With Digital Impression & Veneers
By: Devaughn Fraser 6 Replies
Digital diagnostic wax-up
By: Grant Yiu
Looking for advice on anterior restoration plan....
By: Matthew Bauer 19 Replies
feldspar & zirconia
By: Igor Denisov 14 Replies
One Wing Bridge from Facial
By: Elise Daggs
First Cerasmart
By: Paul Kruth 5 Replies