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Established in 2006
Established in 2006


Hosted by CEREC experts and respected industry leaders, these engaging webinars focus on tools to build your CEREC practice and your team. Take a quiz and receive CE credits!

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Monthly Webinar - CEREC 4.5 Software

In this presentation, 4.5.

Monthly Webinar - Enhance Your Restorations With KATANA Solutions

Learn about Katana Zirconia

Monthly Webinar -3D Endo - Sneak Preview

Dentsply Sirona Endo

Monthly Webinar - If You Build It, Will They Come - My New Office Journey

New Office Journey

Monthly Webinar - SICAT Optisleep - The Digital Solution to Treating Sleep Apnea

cerecdoctors.com Mentor Dr. John Pasicznyk will discuss this digital solution in treating this sleep disorder

MENTOR ONLY Webinar - Retirement Investing - A simple strategy to help you sleep at night

Dr. Ernie Johnson discusses ways of timing the market for investing.

Monthly Webinar - Unlocking Chairside Zirconia

Skramstad Zirconia

Capitalize on the Growing Implant Market Through a Biomimetic Approach

Vita Enamic

SIROWORLD 2016 - What's New

What happened at Siroworld?

Monthly Webinar - Update and Software Tips and Tricks

Tips and New Information

Treatment Planning Comprehensive Anterior Cases

Treatment Planning Comprehensive Anterior Cases

Virtual Articulation and SICAT Function

Virtual Articulation and SICAT Function

Straumann's New Treatment Solutions

This seminar reviews two relatively new Straumann products. Presenters are Ms. Anna Stensvaag, Ms. Valerie Rhodes and Mr. Aayush Seth.

New Adhesion Techniques for CAD_CAM Restorations

New Adhesion Techniques for CAD_CAM Restorations

One Visit Chairside Zirconia Restorations

Newly released process for one visit chairside zirconia restorations.

CEREC Guide 2 - Nuts and Bolts

In this webinar, Dr. Darin O'Bryan goes over commonly asked questions concerning the use of CEREC Guide 2.

Imaging Options - Galileos, ORTHOPHOS XG 3D, ORTHOPHOS SL

Dr. Pete Gardell goes through 3D imaging options and how they can impact the dental practice.

New CEREC Ortho 1.1 Software

New CEREC Ortho 1.1 Software

CEREC 4.4 Software - A Review

In this webinar, Dr. Sameer Puri does a review on the latest release of the 4.4 software.

Indications and Uses of a Nano Ceramic CAD_CAM Block

Dr. Rich Rosenblatt discusses the uses of this material. He explains the material's properties, preparation design for the material and the esthetic finishing process.