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Simplified Adhesive Bonding Protocols for CEREC Restorations with Dr. Dennis Fasbinder

Simplified Adhesive Bonding Protocols for CEREC Restorations


Smile Design using Sirona Connect


Current Advances in Adhesives and Regenerative Materials


Software Tips and Tricks for CEREC Abutments

Dr. Mike Skramstad gives his top ten tips for creating abutments chairside with the CEREC software.


CEREC Chairside Custom Abutments

Dr. Pete Gardell discusses the latest release go Ivoclar's e.max Abutment Blocks. He discusses the uses of the blocks and indications.


Imaging with Dr. Bobby Chagger and More!

Dr. Sameer Puri and Dr. Bobby Chagger go over year end updates on materials and techniques. Dr. Chagger hones in on imaging techniques.


4.2 Technical Insights from Bensheim

THE FIRST 2 MINUTES ARE A BLACK SCREEN - THEN IT WORKS CEREC Product manager from Bensheim, Andreas Zoost, goes through some of the technical features of the 4.2 software and gives a behind the scenes look into the development of the software!


Hot Clinical Tips from the Only Practice Based Clinical Study


Multilink Next Generation- Podcast

This is a recording of the webinar done by Ivoclar on the new Multilink Next Generation.


30 Second Keyless Single Drill Implant Surgery

The next big thing for CEREC Galileos - Keyless 30 Second Single Drill Implant Surgery!


Current Trends in CEREC Technology - Following IDS

Following the Mentor trip to IDS this March 2013, Dr. Mike Skramstad and Dr. Sam Puri present on current trends in CEREC Technology!


Introducing Vita Enamic- A Podcast by Dr. Russell Giordano


2013 NX3 XTR Challenge

Please come join us for the NX3 XTR Challenge with Kerr!


Updates in Imaging Technology with Dr. Neal Patel

This is a webinar on updates in imaging technology with Dr. Neal Patel.


Introducing Vita Enamic & What is to come for the Mentors for 2013!

Dr. Sam Puri will host this webinar on what is to come for 2013. Dr. Russell Giordano will be a guest presenter introducing Vita Enamic. We are so pleased to have Dr. Giordano give the cerecdoctors.com Mentor Group a look before the rest of the CEREC dentists worldwide!


New Horizons in Implant Dentistry

New horizons in Implant Dentistry with Dr. Armen Mirzayan & Dr. SHadi Daher, Surgical Director at the Bicon Institute.


The CEREC Value Opportunity

Mr. Imtiaz Manji presents to the Mentors on the CEREC Value Opportunity!


CMG Sirona Clinical Update

Roddy MacLeod, vice president of CAD/CAM for Sirona Dental Systems, speaks candidly to the cerecdoctors.com Mentor Group on clinical updates at Sirona as of May 2012.


3M ESPE LAVA Ultimate - A Clinical Report: Adhesive Technique for New Restorative Material

3M ESPE follow up with our own faculty members, Dr. Sam Puri & Dr. Rich Rosenblatt presenting on the trifecta affect of Scotch Bond, LAVA Ultimate, and RelyX.


Pitfalls of Occlusion with Dr. Gary DeWood

Join Dr. Gary DeWood as he lectures on the Pitfalls of Occlusion!