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Uncompromised Esthetics through Strength, Application and Indication

The introduction of a highly translucent zirconium-reinforced lithium silicate glass ceramic foundation, supporting average biaxial strengths of over 541Mpa will be presented.


Join the 1%: Deliver Same-Day CEREC Restorations with Unrivaled Esthetics

You'll never look at pre-shaded A2 blocks again!


Introduction to the Katana Zirconia Block

Use of Katana Zirconia Blocks


The Digital Workflow for the OSR (Orthodontic-Surgical-Restorative) Interface

This webinar will show in detail how important the Digital Workflow


Expand Your CEREC® Capabilities with Confidence- New Treatment and Restoration Innovations

You’ve made the investment in CEREC single-visit dentistry but are you taking full advantage?


Ceramic and Cement Choices

Ceramic Materials and What to Cement With


Monthly Podcast - New Digital Implant Workflow for Atlantis Abutments Through Sirona Connect

Sirona Connect 4.5 and Atlantis


Monthly Podcast - Digital Dentistry With Formlabs Desktop 3D Printing

Formlabs' dental expert, Gideon, will help you discover the benefits of desktop SLA 3D Printing with the Formlabs Form 2 printer for different dental applications. This webinar will show how to unlock the value of using digital dentistry techniques to improve cost, outcome, and time to results.


Monthly Podcast - 3-D Printing Primer

Why, How and What of 3-D Printing


Monthly Podcast - CEREC 4.5 Software

In this presentation, 4.5.


Monthly Podcast - Enhance Your Restorations With KATANA Solutions

Learn about Katana Zirconia


Monthly Podcast -3D Endo - Sneak Preview

Dentsply Sirona Endo


Monthly Podcast - If You Build It, Will They Come - My New Office Journey

New Office Journey


Monthly Podcast - SICAT Optisleep - The Digital Solution to Treating Sleep Apnea

cerecdoctors.com Mentor Dr. John Pasicznyk will discuss this digital solution in treating this sleep disorder


MENTOR ONLY Podcast - Retirement Investing - A simple strategy to help you sleep at night

Dr. Ernie Johnson discusses ways of timing the market for investing.


Monthly Podcast - Unlocking Chairside Zirconia

Skramstad Zirconia


Capitalize on the Growing Implant Market Through a Biomimetic Approach

Vita Enamic


SIROWORLD 2016 - What's New

What happened at Siroworld?


Monthly Podcast - Update and Software Tips and Tricks

Tips and New Information