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Treating the Terminal Dentition and the Fully Edentulous Patient New Course

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14 CE Credits



Dates & Locations:
  • Ricardo Mitrani
  • Darin Dichter

Course Objectives

The patient with terminal dentition or with an edentulous state unquestionably faces a disfiguring condition. Over the past decades, osseointegrated implants have provided extraordinary solutions, either supporting or retaining prosthetic devices aimed to restore both form and function.

This two-day course will explore the essentials of treatment planning and implant restorative design for the patient with terminal dentition and/or a fully edentulous condition. It will provide guidelines that can be easily implemented in practice in order to help interdisciplinary communication between the restorative dentist, the surgeon and the laboratory.

Participants Will Learn:

  • How to transition a patient with a terminal dentition into a definitive implant-supported prosthesis
  • How to stage multiple treatment phases while providing the patient with a comfortable transitional prosthesis
  • How to utilize a novel classification for edentulous arches that will allow the participant to better comprehend treatment indications and patient risk assessment for the edentulous maxilla
  • How to treat fully edentulous patients with a combination of either removable prosthetics, implant-supported overdentures, fixed implant-supported prosthesis, All-on-4/Pro-Arch concept, as well as the full-arch ceramo-metal or zirconium-based implant-supported reconstruction
  • How to optimize communication between the restorative dentist and the laboratory
  • How to safely implement immediate loading protocols in the practice
  • Different techniques and procedures to provide the patient with an immediately loaded prosthesis

Treating the Terminal Dentition and the Fully Edentulous Patient

14 CE Credits

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