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Established in 2006
Established in 2006

CEREC Ortho 1.1 Certification Required Training to receive the Ortho Software

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CEREC Ortho 1.1 Certification : Required Training to receive the Ortho Software

In order to receive the CEREC Ortho 1.1 software, all clinicians must undergo a hands on certification as mandated by Patterson and Sirona. The certification course will involve hands on use of the CEREC Ortho 1.1 software where participants must demonstrate proficiency in scanning full arch scans.

Once the clinician is certified, the Patterson Technology Center will initiate delivery of the software to the clinicians.

cerecdoctors.com and Spear Education are designated as a training center authorized to provide certification. The certification courses will be held prior to CEREC course weekends, usually Wednesday afternoon, in an effort to help minimize travel for the doctors and team.

Once you sign up for the course, a cerecdoctors.com education advisor will contact you to help you start the certification process with the Patterson Technology Center.

Please note-the tuition for all members of the $2995 Academy membership and $3995 Mentors is waived as it is included in your new membership.

Normal Tuition- $500 for Doctors (waived for $2995 Academy members and $3995 Mentors) $500 for Team Members (waived for $2995 Academy members)

Please note that this is a hands on workshop. Participants should be prepared to scan live in the mouth to demonstrate proficiency on the use of the software as well as be prepared to have other doctors scan them so that they can undergo the same experience as a patient.

Participants Will Learn:

  • Indications of the CEREC Ortho 1.1 software
  • Techniques to improve scanning
  • Tips and tricks to ensure appropriate data is collected for submission
  • Configuration settings of the CEREC Ortho 1.1 software
  • Proper seating position for the operator to ensure an ideal scan
  • Indications on how to recognize insufficient data
  • How to transfer full arch scans into the CEREC Chairside 4.5 software to utilize the double buccal bite for accurate occlusion
  • Contraindications of when not to use the CEREC Ortho 1.1 software


  • $500 Doctors
  • (Waived for $2995 Academy members and for $3995 Mentors)
  • $500 Team Members*




  • Sameer Puri, D.D.S.
  • Mark Fleming, D.D.S.

2017 Dates

  • October 18

2018 Dates

  • January 24
  • April 25
  • August 01
  • October 24


Spear Campus
7201 E Princess Blvd
Scottsdale, AZ 85255
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CEREC Ortho 1.1 Certification : Required Training to receive the Ortho Software

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