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23 Feb 2010

Posted by Sameer Puri on February 23rd, 2010 at 08:41 am
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We commissioned a survey here on the website. You can access the survey by clicking on the banner ad on the top that says 'Make CEREC a Household Name'. So far almost 500 clinicians have taken the survey and the results are very interesting. The survey will be up for another few weeks after which we will compile and share all the results with everyone. But I have to say that the level of interest in this campaign has blown me away. I would ask that if you have not done so, please take the survey so that we can get more accurate data and decide how best to proceed. My hope is that we can do a CEREC Superbowl ad from this. How great would that be! Way to early to tell if we have enough interest or not in this but I think we have to look at this seriously considering the level of interest so far. Please take the survey and share your thoughts.
21 Feb 2010

Posted by Sameer Puri on February 21st, 2010 at 07:15 pm
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Check out the videos in the inlab section. Our adjunct faculty member Dr. Mike Skramstad is becoming quite the expert in the inlab software. He has created a series of videos for those of you that want to mill your own abutments. You can do this with the CEREC and the soon to be FDA approved (sources say sometime in April or May) Abutment Software for the CEREC Inlab. Sirona will showcase this software at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting but you can get a sneak peek right here. What you will need to fabricate abutments chairside are the following: Inlab software - free from your CEREC specialist but you will need a dongle to mill anything from the software- Dongles range in price but will add about $10 to the cost of milling your restorations Tibase assembly - about $150 - this is a guess on the price as this has not been released in the US although our neighbors across the pond in Europe are already doing this Sintering oven - because you will mill zirconia as a part of the abutment complex, you will need to sinter zirconia or you may choose to send this off to the laboratory. Watch all the videos in the inlab section. Enjoy this new feature of your CEREC.
18 Feb 2010

Posted by Sameer Puri on February 18th, 2010 at 08:35 pm
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So today I was visiting Vita and they showed how CEREC will soon be able to make permanent bridges. Anytime I speak, people ask about bridges and when we will have the ability to make them. Its always been an enigma on how to do this because we don't have a material that is strong enough and esthetic enough to mill to full contour. However Vita seems to be the first company to come out and offer a solution to this. The bridges will be milled with a zirconia framework and then a milled suprastructure will be cemented on top. This is very early and these are exclusive photos but here is the concept of milled bridges with CEREC. Done chairside. More information can be found on this discussion thread: http://www.cerecdoctors.com/ui/ViewForumNew.aspx?ForumID=3427 Here is a photo: embedded image
17 Feb 2010

Posted by Sameer Puri on February 17th, 2010 at 01:49 am
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Chicago Midwinter meeting is a time where many CEREC owners attend. Sirona typically releases software at this show and our hope is that this year is no exception. Im planning on being in Chicago from Thursday to Saturday. If you have any plans on attending, please stop by the Sirona booth where I will be hanging out. Definitely a busy day on Saturday but I hope to say hello to many of you. You never know what new updates and features the show will bring so I hope you stay tuned. As you know anytime anything new is released by Sirona, you can find it here.
10 Feb 2010

Posted by Sameer Puri on February 10th, 2010 at 10:12 am
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Did you know that you can check the internal of your restoration to see if it will bind before you mill it. During beta testing we were experiencing certain issues where the restoration would inadvertantly mill in endo mode in certain areas. One way to check that was to get rid of the base of the model by clicking on ctrl + b and then looking at the inside of the restoration. You can also adjust your spacer setting that way and dial down your spacer so that your restorations fit every time with a minimal amount of spacer. Another area you can use the virtual fit checker is if you want to mill in endo mode, you can and bump up the spacer enough so that you dont bind. Here is a short video on the virtual fit checker:

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02 Feb 2010

All new MCXL units are being shipped with a manual block chuck similar to the old compact unit. As you may know, with the compact, you must use a screwdriver to tighten the block into the holder. This prevents the block from getting loose and possibly having inaccurate margins. Sirona has introduced this for the MCXL as well. Some users would experience a loose block that would result in an error every once in a while. Now by manually tightening the block chuck this doesnt happen. My suggestion is to talk to your rep about this and if you have any issues with milling errors, less than perfect margins or anything else, this might be a solution for you. Although the regular block chuck works for 99% + of the time, this will help get that success rate closer to 100%.

A new software is coming. The CEREC Doctors faculty are beta testing it now. Sirona usually releases new software around the Chicago midwinter meeting. I think you will be pleased. Abutment software - Its here in Europe. In the US we are waiting on FDA approval. You will be able to take a fixture level impression digitally and design right off that digital model both your abutment and final crown. Labs will have this first, then clinicians. Its why Im investing in the inlab software. CEREC Galileos integration - its here and its getting better. Expect to mill your own surgical guides in 2011. Imagine being able to take a scan, place your implant digitally and then make a surgical guide from that scan. Vita - Real Life Crowns - no more triluxe, better incisal translucency. Picture below: [VITABLOCS RealLife_] Bridges - word on the street is bridges are being worked on by several companies. I dont think we will have a monolithic bridge made out of zirconia. Instead, I think it will be something like a hybrid bridge, maybe a zirconia core and another material that is layered on top. The two layers fused together somehow. Thats all I can share right now. As we get more information that we are allowed to release, we will certainly share it with you guys. Have a great 2010.
26 Dec 2009

Posted by Peter Gardell on December 26th, 2009 at 08:27 am
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What a wonderful year. Software upgrades, the Bluecam, CerecConnect, Buccal bite, Improvement in the fit. The shortened Emax Cycle becoming Ivoclar approved Attaining goals Hard to believe the evolution of the cerec world in the past 12 months. It is not time to sit back and think the way things are now are good enough. Time to reflect and set new goals. Sirona,Ivoclar, and Vivadent are not resting they have alot of advancements coming to make our lives better. New software upgrades are being refined right now. New esthetic blocks being readied for market to help with our esthetic cases. New high strength blocks to be used in the posterior and on implants. Cerec has allowed me to ride out this terrible economy with just a small negative effect. The media is now being positive on the turnaround. Don't be behind. Make sure you are ready for the pick up, by refining you cerec skills and you experience with these new materials. Set the bar higher Cerecdoctors will help you with alot of this by keeping you on the forefront of the technology by informing you of advancements. But remember sometimes you have to push yourself out of your comfort zone to advance your skills. There is no better return on investment than a hands on course. Make ita resolution to take a course in Scottsdale to make your cerec life better. You won't regret it. 2010 is going to be a fantastic year. set some higher goals and work your tail off to meet them. I know I am Happy New Years Pete
15 Dec 2009

Posted by Sameer Puri on December 15th, 2009 at 09:30 pm
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As I get ready to wind it up for the rest of the year, I want to take this moment to wish everyone a great holiday season. We have a ton of stuff planned for next year as Sirona will be rolling out some great updates. Galileos integration, Implants abutments, a new software (hopefully santa will bring it if we are all nice) We will bring all this stuff to you guys as its rolled out. As we get it, we will be sure to share it with you guys. Enjoy the holidays and get ready for a great 2010. Happy holidays and a happy new year to everyone. Im getting ready for my annual ski vacation with the family. Its time to unwind and recharge the batteries for the coming year. enjoy.
09 Dec 2009

www.cerec25.com 3000 plus total attendees expected. There will be some great speakers, excellent parties and ofcourse all the gang from CEREC Doctors will be there. We are planning some great events and we have myself, Armen, Skramy, Tbone, Rosenblatt, Fleming and Darren all on the program. Make sure you stop by our booth and make sure you pick up a free t-shirt. We want to thank you guys for helping grow this community and we look forward to meeting you all in person at the CEREC 25th Anniversary Celebration.